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The title: 7+1 Conversion rate optimization Best Practices of 2023 based on psychology. A picture of a brain and a conversion funnel.

7+1 CRO Best Practices of 2023 Based on Psychology


Conversion rate optimization is an area where you cannot read enough advice and tips. After all, there is always more to learn. We’ve already covered CRO best practices a lot on our blog, and we bring it up year after year, as we always find new tips and ideas for you and for your website.

But in case you missed the earlier ones, check out our best tips from 2021 in two parts:

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But for the most up-to-date ideas, check out this article. We’ve put together the trendiest CRO tips of the year for you. The ones that won’t let you become outdated!

Now (because I have done it many times) I wouldn’t start you off by introducing the definition of CRO itself with long explanations if you don’t mind. But if you’re interested in the basics of conversion rate optimization in more depth, be sure to check out Capturly’s comprehensive and detailed guide from conversion rate optimization to conversion funnel analysis.

What is the base of conversion rate optimization in 2023?

You wouldn’t think it but psychology is the cornerstone of conversion rate optimization in 2023! It’s a long-established science, you might think… well yes but still!

Psychology itself can be the most powerful weapon in your hands you ever had if you use it properly! As the Nobel prize winner Kahneman once said: 

We’re blind to our blindness. We have very little idea of how little we know. We’re not designed to know how little we know.

This quote highlights that even the most rational among us can be unaware of our own cognitive biases and limitations, thereby falling to the ‘tricks’ of psychology.

In connection with your website, this means that you absolutely need psychology to convince your customers arriving your website your landing or your product page. 

10 best tips to optimize your conversion rate based on psychology

Let’s delve into the top psychology-based tips for optimizing your conversion rate in 2023! While some of these strategies might be familiar, it’s crucial now more than ever to keep them top of mind. We hope to surprise you with fresh insights and effective techniques on our list!

Personalize the user experience

It cannot be said and heard enough that the future belongs to personalization. In our world, more and more emphasis has to be placed on the individual, because its importance is only growing with the passage of time. What is personalized is better, what is mine is more beautiful, what is for me is what I need, and so on.

It’s no different for a website! Tailor your website or landing page content to match the specific needs and preferences of your target audience. Leverage user data, such as browsing history or previous interactions, to provide personalized product recommendations, relevant offers, or customized messaging. Personalization can enhance engagement and increase conversion rates.

Let’s look at some specific tips on this:

Use your customer’s name if it’s possible

Using your customer’s name can trigger positive emotions, the idea is rooted in a concept known as implicit egotism. This theory suggests that people naturally gravitate towards things that bolster their self-esteem, and often, nothing accomplishes this more effectively than encounters with familiar elements that remind them of themselves. 

This concept isn’t novel in the business world. In fact, numerous prominent companies have cleverly integrated this approach into their customer interactions. Consider Starbucks, for instance. They personalize your coffee experience by writing your name on the cup. Or recall Coca-Cola’s marketing ploy where they printed names on their cans, leading to eager customers hunting through store shelves for their own name. 

This strategy can also be seamlessly woven into your website’s user experience. If a user is logged in, don’t hesitate to use their name in personalized offers or throughout your site’s content. This small touch can foster a sense of connection and engagement that can definitely increase your conversion rate.

Two coffee cups, one with a name and one without a name. They represent the importance of personalization.

Use “You” and “Your” format

This tiny trick can be really useful if you don’t know your customer’s name. However, it is not as impactful as using names but it can also have its own effect. This approach can engage your customer, fostering a sense of direct interaction. It gives the impression that they’re having a conversation with your site, rather than merely reading it.

Feel free to use phrases like:

  • Your wish list
  • Your special offer
  • Your discount
  • Thank You for Your order!

Leverage social proof

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people imitate the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This concept is based on the idea that if other people are doing something, it must be the right or beneficial thing to do. 

From a psychological perspective, social proof is a response to uncertainty. When people are unsure about how to behave, they’ll often look to others for guidance. This can be particularly true in unfamiliar situations where the “correct” behavior isn’t clear.

Quantitative social proof – displaying numbers

Show how many people have already purchased a product. When potential customers see that others have made the decision to buy an item, they often perceive this as a positive endorsement, nudging them toward making the same choice. Trusting the collective actions of others reinforces their decision-making process and can boost your conversion rates.

Qualitative social proof – showing product recommendations

Just like the influence of seeing large numbers of purchases, product recommendations can be incredibly persuasive. Recommendations can be even more personal than numbers as your customers will see real individuals behind the purchases. 

However, it’s crucial to note that you need to actively encourage customers to leave reviews. Many of them may not be inclined to take the time to write a review, even though they often seek out and value reviews from others when making their own buying decisions.

2 shirts one without and one with an option of giving product recommendations.

You can encourage them for example with a point collection system like the Chinese fashion retailer Shein does. On the app of Shein, you can collect points after each review you leave and later you can change these points to discounts. This definitely creates a win-win situation for you and for your customers as well.

An easier version of this is just to let people rate your product. It’s a bit more elaborate than numbers as you’re adding quality value to your purchases. 

All in all, letting people leave product recommendations can significantly enhance your conversion rate optimization effort, so it is definitely worth giving it a try.

Focus on convenience

In today’s world convenience is more important than it has ever been. People don’t have time, they don’t want to wait they don’t want to make a compromise. They need everything when they want, where they want, and with the required quality. If they can’t find these circumstances they will search for it elsewhere. 

Implement AI-powered chatbots

We cannot write an article on tips in 2023 without mentioning AI. Since the release of ChatGPT, AI has continued to thrive this year and is embarking on an impressive journey of advancements. Today, AI technology can make music for us, edit pictures, give us advice, and much more. So why not take advantage of it on your website in order to increase your conversion rates and enhance the convenience of your customers?

Use AI chatbots to provide real-time assistance and engage with visitors on your website. Chatbots can answer common questions, guide users through the purchase process, and address concerns promptly. They improve user experience, build trust, and increase the likelihood of conversions by providing immediate support.

Of course, a human could do this, but is it always feasible? Keeping a live helpdesk running is not only costly but may also be less efficient as it’s unlikely to operate on a 24/7 basis. In today’s fast-paced world, customers demand instant and accurate responses, every single time.

A chatbot is doing customer support on a webpage in order to optimize the conversion rate.

Optimize for voice search

Voice searches also serve the convenience of people. Did you know that more than 1 billion voice searches take place every month? And this number is showing an increasing tendency. And with the rise of voice assistants and smart devices, optimizing your website for voice search is becoming increasingly important.

Focus on long-tail keywords and conversational phrases that align with voice search queries. Ensure your website loads quickly, provides concise and relevant answers, and is mobile-friendly to cater to voice search users.

Use ‘How To’ pages

‘How-To’ pages can be a powerful tool in demonstrating to your visitors how simple it is to take action. They are particularly useful if your product is complex or requires user participation. By providing clear instructions and guidance, ‘How-To’ pages can bolster your customers’ self-efficacy, or belief in their own abilities, and dispel any doubts.

From a psychological standpoint, this aligns with the concept of self-efficacy developed by psychologist Albert Bandura. Self-efficacy refers to a person’s belief in their capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performances. When people believe they can complete a task successfully, they are more likely to engage in that activity. 

In the context of your website, if customers feel confident they can use your product effectively, they are more likely to make a purchase.

So, ‘How-To’ pages not only provide practical information, but they also serve to psychologically prepare your customers for success, directly contributing to your conversion rate optimization efforts. By effectively demonstrating how easy it is to use your product, you empower your customers, making them more likely to convert from browsers into buyers.

Two screen one with and one without a 'how to' guide.

Leverage social commerce

People are constantly on social media still in 2023. Make their way easier on your website and serve their convenience by using the benefits of it.

Offer the option to register through social media

You wouldn’t think but this tiny thing can have a huge impact. Customers don’t like long registration processes. You know, as I have already mentioned, their convenience is above everything for them.

Another thing in connection with this is, that they have way too many accounts already. They don’t want to have a new account and they don’t want to have a new password to remember. Let them avoid this step by giving them a chance to register through an existing social media account.

Did you know?

A survey by Blue Research found that 92% of users would leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login information if they forgot their password or username.

But you never forget the password to your social media accounts, right? Or you never log out from them… 

So all in all this tiny trick can highly contribute to the increase of your conversion rate. 

Two screens one without and one with an option of registration through social media.

Use social sharing buttons

Think about it this way: if you wanted to share a product with someone but there was no direct share button for social media platforms, you’d probably resort to taking a screenshot, right?

However, if there’s an option to share the product directly through a link on social media, not only does the product get shared, but people also get directed to your website. They might even explore your webshop further. 

This can significantly boost brand awareness and enhance the popularity of your online store. In essence, a simple share button can turn your visitors into brand ambassadors, directly contributing to your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Incorporate interactive content

Today people are used to everything being interactive on the internet. Most of us are no longer bound by static content. As soon as something becomes boring, we leave it.

Engage your visitors with interactive content formats such as quizzes, assessments, calculators, or configurators. Interactive content encourages active participation and provides personalized results or recommendations, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Use interactive images

Use 3D visualization of your products. This approach enables customers to visualize the product more vividly, making it seem nearly physical. This sense of tangibility allows them to envision owning the product, thereby promoting purchase decisions. It’s particularly recommended for items that gain value from close examination such as electronic devices, gadgets, etc.

Two screens one with and one without an interactive image. The interactive one helps to optimize conversion rate.

Use confirmation elements

After purchasing a product it can often happen that people have a negative feeling because they just spent money. It’s really important to reduce these negative impressions with positive reinforcement. But how to do that?

Congratulate your customers

Congratulating your customers can reinforce their decision, providing a sense of validation and confirmation about their choice. This can enhance post-purchase satisfaction, subsequently increasing the likelihood of future purchases. Consider personalizing your congratulatory message to add a touch of warmth and appreciation. For instance, you could say:

Congratulations Amanda you will be gorgeous in your new clothes!

Congratulations Brad you will have amazing results with the help of your new laptop!

E-mail them after the purchase

It’s similar to a congratulatory message but in a more personal format. You can also congratulate your buyers via email or even offer further recommendations. However, it is important that you do not mention how much they spent! Your goal is to make them forget about the price and focus on the benefits of your product!

Ask your customers why they have decided on a product

This tactic is also good because it allows customers to answer for themselves why they chose the product and why they need it. This also serves as a reinforcement, which will have an even greater effect because it comes from them. In addition, individuals often appreciate being asked for their viewpoints.

Focus on credibility

Trust is a key factor, especially in 2023. In psychology, this is related to the heuristic principle, where individuals make decisions based on trust signals. If your website looks professional, provides accurate and useful information, and has clear contact details, it sends a signal to users that your site is trustworthy.

Use pictures of colleagues working in the company

This technique not only humanizes your company’s image but also boosts its reliability and credibility. Customers will know from the pictures that real people are working behind the scenes. 

It gives them the confidence that they’re engaging with a genuine business, not just a faceless webshop. This is particularly vital for businesses that solely operate online or offer digital services, and possibly don’t even have a physical product. 

Indicate where your office is

This, like the previous one, is to let customers know that there is a real company behind the products. This can also build trust and increase credibility.

Two screens one with and one without indicating the location of the office.

Continuously test and optimize 

All these tips and tricks would be ineffective if there are technical issues on your site. As we are talking about conversion rate best practices in 2023 we would like to mention to you the most modern solution for testing and optimizing which is behavioral analytics.

Employ behavioral analytics tools to pinpoint areas where users encounter difficulties and what hinders their conversion. Tools such as session replays and heatmaps can provide you with precise insights into your visitors’ behavior on your online store.

Check Capturly’s offer as the tool next to behavioral analytics tools offers conversion funnel analysis as well so you can real-time measure the effect of every change you have made based on what you learned in this article.

Final thoughts

We trust that our article has provided you with valuable insights into the most up-to-date conversion rate optimization practices as of 2023. Most of these strategies are straightforward to implement and do not require an overwhelming amount of effort. Given their potential for significant impact, they’re certainly worth investing your time and resources into. 

Remember, the key to success in today’s fast-paced digital world lies in the ability to adapt swiftly to the evolving needs of your customers. The competition is high, and the victor is often the one who can adjust the quickest and most effectively to meet the needs of the customers. 

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