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Wouldn't be great to see what your visitors do on your website?

Capturly session replay

Session replays enable you to track visitor engagement in a creative way. With the help of it, you can discover if your visitors encounter any problem on your website faster than ever before. Imagine if you could sit right next to your visitors and see what they're doing on your page. That’s exactly why Capturly’s session replay feature was born! Moreover, it’s fast, secure that supports all devices and screen sizes, logged-in and dynamic pages.

Let’s say you filter and watch 10 playbacks of your users browsing your website. Some of them had problems with the search field because it was too short.

It’s not an enormous problem to solve, but it can increase your conversion rate which will eventually result in an increase in your income. Do you want to intervene in usability issues before you start losing money?

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Capturly's session replay feature records every single action on your website. Every click, mouse movement, scroll, form fill will be captured for later review. Do you want to focus on a specific operating system, browser, URL, or event? Not a problem, with Capturly you can narrow down your perspective using the filter function. Moreover, the session recordings feature offers flexibility for teams by allowing you to tag and share session replays with shared users. It helps you to understand the motives of the people behind the numbers. Notice minor differences between the ways new and returning visitors interact with your site. Discover how the user behavior changes after you introduce a new feature or run an A/B test. Therefore you are able to base your business decisions on facts instead of guesswork.

Session replay can track and follow every change on your website when you are implementing or running a new feature. You are also able to filter the session recordings by page URL, date, events and more.

Session replay is a fast, secure tool that supports all devices and screen sizes, logged-in pages and dynamic pages. It is a powerful feature and it only gets better if used with conversion funnels.

Concerned about privacy?

We know that trust is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to monitoring user activity. Therefore Capturly masks every input field by default, which means any sort of sensitive information such as credit card fields, addresses won’t appear on the recorded material. If you wish to learn more about how Capturly’s masking setting works, feel free to read the corresponding documentation.

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