Session replay

Have you ever wondered why exactly your customers use your website the way they do?

Seeing your visitors' behavior firsthand can light up problems which you would not even think about in the first place. Conventional analytics tools will give you numbers about customers visiting your pages, clicking on links, and going through the conversion funnel. Statistical data will give you a certain level of insight, but we all know that actions speak louder than numbers.

So imagine if you could sit right beside your customers. What would you see? Is he using your site like you'd expect it to be used? Or has he just wandered off because of an inappropriately placed advertisement? Session replay is the best for these scenarios, because it's like you were watching them over their shoulders. Notice minor differences between how returning and new visitors interact with your site.

Our tracking script captures clicks, mouse movements, form fills and more, which helps to understand the people behind the numbers. From the recorded mouse movements you can find the most crucial pain points of your site. During their journey on your site, people might hesitate at a specific point, for example when filling different types of form fields.

Our advanced system makes it possible to filter the recordings according to your desire, supporting all devices and screen sizes.

Our tracking code's size is as small as this picture of a cute baby panda (only 9KB gzipped, served via CloudFlare CDN) and it loads in an asynchronous way, so it won't slow down your website at all.

And if you want an aggregated view of what captures your visitors' attention, you can use our Heatmaps too.