Customer support

Make easier to resolve user issues

Resolving user complains can end in an endless loop. Managing all the feedbacks, technical details and usage information can take a lot of time from your support and development team, even if you run a well-organized helpdesk. Replicating complete user stories can save a lot of time for your team and make resolving user issues faster and easier.

After implementing a short code snippet to your website, you will receive all the key data, like the country, browser or OS version, to identify your previous visitors and registered users. Capturly enables you to track all your pages and features, even on the member-only pages, and playback each action on your website.

By checking the session replays frequently, you can even overtake your visitors. Identify the bottlenecks and apply changes even before the issues arrive to your support team. If it didn’t convince you, ask your support team!

Capturly enables you to have all the required data for solving important user issues at your fingertips.

Discover how Capturly works

Analytics platform

Discover where your customers are come from and how they engage on your website.


See every action of your website visitors like you were watching them over their shoulders.

Further use cases of Capturly:

Make campaign validation more effective than ever before.