Campaign validation

Save money with better campaign optimization

Visitors may behave variously on your website. Especially if they are coming from different campaigns or traffic sources. Identifying the main patterns and finding the pain points in your conversion funnel can help you to optimize your website for each campaign.

Capturly e-commerce conversion funnel

Capturly lets you filter your conversion funnel by the campaign ID or the traffic source. This way you can see your visitors’ journey in detail. Besides the main KPIs, Capturly allows you to see every click, scroll and action on your website as they happpen.

Discover how people succeeded or dropped at the given point during your campaign and fix the pain points in your funnel. Move one step further and discover which actions improve retention and increase loyalty to your website. All the required data are in your hand.

Having all the analytics that matter means better campaign optimization. Better campaign optimization means saving money.

Uncover what works and get your next campaign right.

Discover how Capturly works

Capturly conversion funnel

Conversion funnel

Identify and analyze key user journeys such as subscription or checkout process.

Capturly analytics platform

Analytics platform

Discover where your customers are from and how they engage with your website.

Make campaign validation more effective than ever before.