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Real-time visitor overview

Notice important trends as soon as they happen so that you can instantly get your business headed in the right direction.

Analyzing our finely detailed statistics can help you to genuinely understand your audience and their behavior.

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Mouse tracking

Watch recordings of how your visitors are using your website. Find out which features and contents are grabbing their attention.

This is the easiest way to determine what your visitors really want and care about on your site.

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Click heatmaps

Click is the most important action on your website. Find out where your visitors click and don't click, so you can make better decisions to maximize conversion.

Get an aggregated view of user interactions.

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Scroll heatmaps

Find out how many visitors actually make it to the middle or bottom of the page. Is your "Order" button in the right place? Do people get to your call-to-actions?

Learn where to put the most important content on your website.

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