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Analytics platform

Get the right insights at the right time

Get your business headed in the right direction. With Capturly’s web analytics platform, you can notice important trends as soon as they happen. All your web analytic metrics are at your fingertips.

Product analytics helps you to understand how your visitors engage with your website. Get real business insights easily by collecting every data that matters at one place.

Session Replay

See exactly what happens on your site

Watch and analyze recordings of how your visitors are using your website. Find out which features and contents are grabbing their attention. It’s your first step towards conversion rate optimization!

Capturly’s session recording also supports checkout, dynamic-content, and members-only pages. Session replay will show you what single numbers can’t. This is the ultimate way to eliminate the guesswork.


Do people get to your call-to-actions?

Clicks are the most important actions on your website. Find out where your visitors click, wish to click, or simply don’t click at all. Reveal the blind spots on your website with Capturly’s heat vision.

Visualize your visitors' clicks, taps and scrolling behavior simply in order to learn where to put the most important content on your website.

Conversion funnel

Understand where you lose your customers

Explore how users navigate through your website and uncover all the drivers and obstraction of your conversion. Choose the right momentum and get all the related metrics and actions by one click.

Create your customer funnel by simply selecting the key events or visited URLs on your website and follow your visitors’ journey like the sign up or the checkout process.

Event analytics

Capture every action on your website

Event analytics enables you to pin the most important conversion and retention leading actions on your website. It takes you to the backstage so you can find out what’s obstructing your conversion rate the most.

Have your website events automatically collected and received all the historical data in a matter of seconds?

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