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How does Capturly work?

We give you a tiny piece of JavaScript code to copy and paste into your site. After installing it, we start recording your site's visitors real-time and relay this information back to our servers where it's processed and presented to you.

Will it slow my website down?

Short answer is: no, not at all. One of the most important priorities for us while designing our JavaScript code was to ensure that it is as unobtrusive as it’s possible.

Our JavaScript code is asynchronous, which means it does not block your site while it's working. The code isn't even loaded until the rest of your site has finished loading and is ready. But if you don’t believe it, check out our demo.

What happens if I reach my plan's limit?

If your usage exceeds the plan's limit, we stop recording the data. For example, if you reach the screen capture limit of your account, the real-time monitor will still function, but we won't record any screen captures for the remainder of the month.

Upgrading your plan will re-enable anything that was maxed out. We don't automatically bump you up to the next larger plan.

What happens with the sensitive information? Do you record those too?

No. We don't even send them to our servers.

We use two methods for filtering sensitive information. The first one is for password fields, we ignore those automatically. The second method is adding the .capturlyIgnore CSS class to the input you don't want to track. Any field that is marked/ignored this way is never read, therefore its content is not transmitted to our servers.

<input type="text" class="capturlyIgnore" id="name" />
<input type="text" class="input capturlyIgnore" id="name" />
<textarea class="capturlyIgnore" id="description"></textarea>

I have extra needs. What can I do?

If your needs exceed the highest plan we offer, get in touch with us and we can find a way to make it work for you.

Custom variables / Events

You can create events by using custom variables. Using this method, you can filter the recording list based on visitor data (e.g. user id, email, newsletter campaign) or events (e.g. button clicked, video watched).

The syntax of the events is the following:

trq('set', 'LABEL', 'ACTION', 'VALUE');

Just replace the LABEL, ACTION, VALUE pairs to your own data,and you are perfectly good to go.

You can put the code anywhere in your JavaScript code, e.g.:

                        $('a.wish').on('click', function(e){
                          trq('set', 'likebutton', 'click', 'add');

Or you can use it in your html markup, too.

<a href="/somelink" onclick="trq('set', 'wishlist_button', 'click', 'add')">Link to somewhere</a>

Can users opt out?

Users can disable Capturly by visiting the opt out page.

Do you have any more question?

Feel free to contact us and we will reach back to you with an answer!