Bug fixing

Replicate bugs as they happen

As we all know, there is no ready product in software development. New bugs usually come with new releases and for your developers and technical support, it means a never-ending fight. Resolving bugs requires a lot of efforts, and unless you have limitless resources, you will need a tool which can help you to optimize the process.

Capturly web development

Is your team tired of the infinite loop of issue messages? Capturly can eliminate the guesswork for your developers. There is no better way of discovering bugs than providing the full context and recreating the whole user story for your team.

In addition, your team doesn’t need to ask for any details. With Capturly, all the related technical data can be at your devs’ hand within a sec and it also enables them to find users with similar technical details

Lighten the burden of your dev team and let then focus on the key areas and new features.

Discover how Capturly works

Capturly analytics platform

Analytics platform

Discover where your customers are from and how they engage with your website.

Capturly session recording

Session recording

See every action of your website visitors as if you were watching them over their shoulders.

Replicate bugs and fix them faster and easier than ever before.