Usability testing

Discover the user behavior of your website

Collecting real user feedbacks and conducting usability researches online can be very circumstantial. Capturly makes it more fluent by collecting every click, scroll, and action on your website, even on the login-required pages. Experience your visitors’ touchpoints as they do to uncover what engage them the most.

Are you only interested in specific pages? Don’t worry at all! In Capturly, you can set up the desired user journeys of your website in a matter of seconds and get all the related analytics, session replay and heatmaps easily. See how users navigate through your product, what they miss or which dead areas they want to use and respond to UX problems early on.

Capturly can help you to optimize your website from the very first onboarding form submission to the brand-new features on your site.

A complete analytics platform is at your hand to discover the behavior that matters. You can bring the most out of your website by maximizing the positive engagement.

Discover how Capturly works

Session replay

See every action of your website visitors like you were watching them over their shoulders.


Get an aggrageted overview about which parts of your website is the busiest.

Further use cases of Capturly:

Make campaign validation more effective than ever before.