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The best productivity apps to download for people like you


Guys, we would like to help you, so here’s a little toplist of the apps (for iOS and Android users too) which help millions of people like you to become even more productive and successful.

10. A scanner app

Who wants to use an old scanner when there’s an app for that too? Time is precious so don’t waste it like that.
For iOS users the best free app is Evernote Scannable, while for Android users it’s CamScanner.

Both apps allow you to take a picture and then it automatically selects the part you need. What an amazing time to live!

If you still ask your assistant to scan the docs for you, download the app now!

 Scannable app

9. An app for every password of yours

Using many accounts and platforms makes it inevitable to have an app which stores every single password for you.

Those accounts are probably very valuable so you might not want them to be hacked.

There’s a free app called LastPass. It’s available for iOS and Android too. Save your confidential information now!

LastPass app

8. Forget your notebooks and use apps for taking notes!

Why would you keep using your old notebook and pen, when it’s way faster and convenient to have your important notes perfectly arranged on your device(s)?

The possibilities are nearly endless with this app, I’m sure there are lots of new things for even those who have been using it for a while too.

It has a free plan (and plus/premium plans too):

Evernote app

7. An app for online storage

There’s a strange, content feeling about having all of your necessary documents stored on your devices.

What if you’re at a meeting and suddenly you’re not sure about the numbers of a report or the date of a contract? Using Google Drive you’ll never get into an awkward situation like that.

Download it from the App store or the Play Store now!

Google Drive app

6. Professional connections and the most important career information

I know, there’s Facebook and Twitter and etc.

But the information about companies, business and your colleagues are collected for you here, and the best part is that there are no additional or useless posts: only the career info you need.

Find your dream job or the best employee ever using Linkedin’s mobile app!

iPhone users can download it from the App Store here, and Android users can do the same in the Play Store here.

Let’s connect with the influencers and your colleagues!

LInkedin app

5. News about everything in your pocket

Are you curious about the local happenings or the news concerning the whole world?

Smartnews collects the most important news for you and organizes it into categories. This way you don’t have to scroll through every single article, but only the ones which are relevant to you.

So you need it? Download it for iOS or Android now!

Smartnews app

4. A Medium for your phone

We cannot forget the wonderful Medium either.

Medium is a place for the world’s most interesting articles with the most varied and creative people sharing their thoughts, lessons and news with each other.

The topics include leadership, technology, psychology, startups, design and so on. I’m sure that there’re at least a dozen articles for everyone.

An other advantage is that you can start a blog and share your knowledge with your fellow‘mediumers’ too. Do you have anything to contribute?

Download for iOS or
Download for Android.

Medium app


3. Keep your mind fit with being physically active

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. — Buddha

This pedometer tracks your activity throughout the day without having to use your location services. It doesn’t matter if the phone is in your pocket or hand, works for both.

Stay active with Pacer now!
Download for iOS and Android.

Pacer app


2. Taking time to relax is even more important

Whether it’s meditating or throwing an instant office dance party, people need some time to relax and refresh their mind.

Spotify is much more than a simple music player app. It gives you the opportunity to find the perfect playlist for work, office parties, doing sports and even more.

It comes with a free membership, almost as good as having the premium membership, but the premium has some extra in it.

Download the app (iOS or Android) turn the speakers on or put your earphones in and clear your mind, so that you can continue your work more efficiently later.

Spotify app

1. Organize your tasks like a pro

The whiteboards with the yellow post-its are not so trendy anymore, we have to admit that.

Trello is a free app for organizing your tasks. There are different types of boards which you can share with different people, add tasks and dates, manage them and even more.

Make your life easier with Trello today:
Download for iOS or Android devices.

Trello app

So how do we do it?

Our team at Capturly uses these apps too, because they make our life much easier and this way we can work more efficiently.

The apps used by Capturly

Do you or your business have an app that’s very useful and we should know about?
Please share it with us!

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