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7 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your WordPress Site

7 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your WordPress Site


Here’s a fun fact for you: over 45% of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Yes, it’s that popular!

Most digital marketers worldwide use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) platform to build business websites and generate leads.

If you’re among the marketing professionals who use WordPress, I bet you’re looking for more ways to shoot your leads through the roof. Luckily for you, this post will show you how.

Read on to find 7 ways to generate leads with WordPress while showcasing your products and services more effectively. I’ll also show practical steps and examples to help with your lead-generation efforts. So buckle up, there’s a lot to learn!

Let’s begin. 

Leading Ways to Generate Leads with WordPress

As versatile as WordPress sites are, they serve little purpose if they don’t boost your brand visibility and help you gain new customers.

Here are 7 ways to generate leads with WordPress with proven tactics designed to give your website the needed exposure.

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1. Invest in SEO 

Optimizing your SEO strategy is one of the best ways to generate leads from WordPress. Here are some practical ways to use SEO for lead generation. 

Conduct keyword research

Using SEO for lead generation involves doing in-depth research to find high-performing keywords you want to rank for and creating valuable content based on them.

You can use the professional SEO tool Semrush to simplify this process. If you’re considering using this tool, you can read a comprehensive expert Semrush review by Attrock to see its detailed features and pricing options.

Once you make a list of the keywords you want to rank for, include them in your title tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions. Ensure you naturally distribute these keywords throughout your content as well.

Creating high-quality content and optimizing it for keywords will drive more traffic and lead to your website. If you don’t have the in-house capabilities to create high-quality content frequently, hire a full-service marketing agency to help you out. 

Optimize your website speed

According to Portent research, a website with a one-second load time is 2.5 times more likely to generate leads and lead to conversions.

The only thing a poor-performing website does is frustrate visitors and chase potential leads away. So, if you’re looking for ways to generate leads with WordPress, analyze your website and look for ways to ensure your website visitors have a smooth navigating experience at all times.

That means you must check your site’s loading speed, ensuring it’s fast enough to make visitors stick around. If you’re using images on your WordPress website, compress them to reasonable sizes and formats, or else they can slow down your website speed.

If your website loads quickly, site visitors are more likely to stick around and explore, rather than leave immediately.

💡 Pro tip: Use PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your website.

PageScpeed Insights

Improve your site navigation

Make it easier for visitors to navigate your website by structuring your content in a way that encourages them to explore further. This will not only help you generate more leads but will also improve your website’s conversion rates.

A good way to ease the navigation experience is by placing high-value pages like landing pages or product pages in a prominent place on your website. Create a hierarchy of pages and submit sitemaps to Google.

If your website content is well structured, search engine crawlers can easily scan it, improving your site’s chances of ranking higher. The higher your ranking is, the more you meet your target audience and the more leads you’re likely to generate.

2. Create and publish relevant content

While it’s important to consider your SEO strategy when creating content, don’t solely focus on ranking for keywords. Your content should also provide value to your audience or you may not generate the desired leads.

For example, a customer support services provider might publish content on help desk ticketing systems, live chat solutions, online chatbots and other customer service oriented topics. It helps them to create relevant organic traffic and leads for their business.

When you present valuable content on your website, you increase the chances of attracting more visitors, who can also become valuable leads. Here are some ways to use great content to drive traffic and generate leads. 

  • Create targeted content: Create a customer persona to define and understand your target audience. Address their pain points in your content and try to get them to sign up or give their contact information by offering targeted solutions. 
  • Use targeted ads: Promote your content on social media using targeted ads. Add a link to direct people to targeted landing pages on your website and include a form to capture their contact information.
  • Use AI technology: In engaging content creation, AI and creativity can help you create magic. There are multiple AI content writing tools that can be used for this.
Create and publish relevant content

3. Leverage social proof

One of the best ways to generate leads with WordPress is by using the power of social proof. Research shows that 72% of consumers would purchase products based on customer testimonials rather than company advertisements.  

Here are some effective ways to use social proof to gain trust: 

  • Comments: Structure your content in a way that prompts visitors to leave comments. When new visitors see comments and reviews that vouch for your products or services, they’ll begin to trust you and buy from you. 

A good way to use WordPress comments to capture leads is by using a comment management plug-in to redirect first-time commenters to a thank you page or a special offer page that requires their contact information. 

  • Customer testimonials: One of the easiest ways to build brand trust and generate more leads is by using user-generated content like customer testimonials and reviews.

You can, for example, show notifications every time someone signs up for your newsletter. When site visitors see such notifications, they are more likely to trust you and sign up for your newsletter by providing their contact information.

4. Use lead magnets

This goes without saying: one of the easiest ways to generate leads with WordPress is by using lead magnets. A lead magnet should offer something valuable in exchange for an email address or contact information. 

Here are some examples of effective top-of-the-funnel lead magnets to use for quick lead generation. 

  • Quizzes: Everyone loves a fun quiz. Create a quiz that’s free, engaging, and easy to pass. You can then request the participants to provide their email addresses to access the quiz results. 
  • Free product sample/trial: Offer free products or demos in exchange for contact information. It allows potential customers to try out your products and services and pushes them further down the marketing funnel. 
  • Templates: If you create templates for design projects or emails, you can offer one for free and use the opportunity to gather contact information from your audience.
  • Ebooks & guides: Ebooks are helpful resources that offer valuable information people often can’t resist. You can offer it for free or at a discount in exchange for the email addresses of site visitors.
  • Surveys: A survey is one of the best ways to generate leads with WordPress while gathering marketing information. Surveys are great lead generation tools because they help you understand your potential customer’s pain points while allowing you to collect their contact information easily.
Use lead magnets

5. Leverage the power of popups and forms

Popups are some of the most powerful ways to generate leads with WordPress and optimize your E-commerce website. A popup usually interrupts a user’s site navigation with an enticing offer that prompts users to submit their contact information.

Although popups are effective, you must be careful while using them because they can easily be misconstrued as annoying elements when not executed properly. 

To make your popups more effective, offer something of high value and keep the message simple but engaging.

Popup types you can use to generate leads

  • Exit-intent popups: These popups are triggered when visitors are about to leave your website. They are designed as a final attempt to get users to sign up before they leave. Here’s a good example of an exit-intent popup that aims to generate leads using a lucrative offer. 
  • Content-lock popup: A content-lock popup works by giving the user no other choice but to sign up. It locks or blurs the page’s content and asks the user to submit their information to gain access to the website’s content. 
  • Gamified popup: Sometimes, rather than just presenting your offer using plain text and images, you can use gamified popups, which are more fun and creative. Gamified po-ups are some of the most creative ways to generate leads with WordPress.

They can be lucky wheels, scratch cards, or digital slot machine popups. Here’s an example of how to use a gamified popup to offer discounts in exchange for contact information. 

  • Contact forms: One proven way to generate leads with WordPress is by using contact forms to gather information from your website visitors. A contact form should be user-friendly and easy to fill out. It should also be as direct and succinct as possible.

Your contact forms can ask users to fill in their information to learn more about your products or services or receive newsletter updates. Users can also opt to fill in contact forms when they want to request pricing quotations from you.

Use Contact Forms

To create a contact form on your WordPress website, you’ll need to use contact form builders or WordPress plugins like WPForms, HubSpot Forms, and Gravity Forms. Such tools enable you to create and customize contact forms using your brand elements. 

This ensures your contact forms do not look out of place and easily fit in with the rest of your website design, creating a smooth user journey for website visitors. 

6. Utilize visual marketing

More often than not, people are more compelled to make a buying decision when you show them and not just tell them about what you have to offer. Visual content is a good example of content marketing and it is one of the effective ways to generate leads with WordPress is by leveraging the power of visual content marketing. 

When creating your website content, use attractive, high-quality images of your products with a compelling copy to describe the benefits they can offer. 

Don’t shy away from using videos on your WordPress website. A Wyzowl research states that 87% of digital marketers utilize video content to generate more business leads. This is illustrated in the chart below. These numbers show that videos are useful tools to market your products and services and generate more leads.

Besides testimonial videos, other types of visual content you can use to generate leads include explainer videos, tutorials, product videos, demo videos, and live videos. Here are some practical ways you can use videos to generate leads:

  • Use videos in landing pages: Embed product demo videos or testimonial videos in your landing pages to help you drive more traffic. Attach in-video contact forms to the videos to help you easily capture leads.
  • Use social media: Share your videos on social media platforms to increase your social media reach. Include CTAs and links that direct your audience to your landing pages.
  • Gate your video content: Present a video that provides valuable information to your audience, but only give them full access when they have provided their contact information.

7. Optimize your CTA

Your CTA is one of the most critical elements of your website because it directly affects your leads and conversions. Hence, one of the most effective ways to generate leads with WordPress is by optimizing your CTA. Here are a few tips:

Use clear words

A CTA should have clear, concise words that tell the user exactly what to do and what will happen when they do that. The more specific your CTA is, the better.

As much as you can, avoid writing generic CTAs like “continue,” “click here,” or “next” without providing adequate context to what you’re offering. Instead, use phrases like “click here for your discount,” “take the quiz,” and “register now.”

Use CTAs throughout the website

Another important point to note when optimizing your CTA is that CTAs are not only reserved for the end of the marketing or sales funnel. Besides the primary CTA used for conversion, you can also use a secondary CTA to generate leads.

For example, if you run the professional divorce lawyers website, your main goal is to get website visitors to find relevant solicitors. Hence, your primary CTA will be words like “shop now” or “find divorce lawyers.” 

However, you can still generate leads to convert them into customers down the line. For this, you can collect their contact information by giving them a discount by using a secondary CTA, which could be a popup. Here’s an example of what this could look like.

Ready to Explore These Ways to Generate Leads on WordPress? 

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to generate leads on WordPress, use social proof to gain trust and offer lead magnets like free products, quizzes, and ebooks.

If you want to capture more than just your potential customer’s name and email, you can use lead generation forms that are simple and easy to fill. 

As you explore these ways to generate leads on WordPress, remember that no lead generation strategy is set in stone. As such, you must keep exploring to find what is best suited for your business and keep optimizing. Good luck!

Understand user behavior with Capturly - WordPress Heatmap Plugin

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