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How Explainer Videos Provide Valuable Content To E-Commerce Sites


As an e-commerce website owner, you already know how crucial it is to first attract and then retain customers. Moreover, it can also be challenging to stand out from the competition and demonstrate your unique value proposition. 

This is exactly where explainer videos come in to help e-commerce website owners.

For simplification, explainer videos are short and engaging videos. The aim of them is to explain a particular product or service in a crisp and concise manner. By using such videos, brands can increase their conversions, boost brand awareness, and reduce customer support costs. 

Through this article, we will help you understand how such videos can prove extremely valuable in terms of content for e-commerce websites and how you can create your own.

Why Do Explainer Videos Work for E-Commerce Sites?

For e-commerce sites, these videos work effectively because they enhance or appeal to the way people have been consuming content online.

As per a recent study, over 66% of consumers prefer to watch a video rather than skim through boring manuals to learn about a particular product or service.

66% prefer explainer videos instead of texts.

Considering such a whopping number speaks to the power explainer videos carry and how they can benefit e-commerce site owners in the long run. 

Since videos also boast a higher retention rate than text, it’s also interesting to know that viewers tend to remember over 95% of a message when they consume it via video as compared to a mere 10% through text.

Here’s how these videos can categorically help you achieve various goals for your e-commerce site:

  • Increase Conversions. By using explainer videos, you can showcase the benefits and features of your product in a compelling way, thus encouraging them to take action.
  • Boosting Brand Awareness. These videos are highly effective when it comes to establishing a brand’s identity and personality in the market. As it helps in building an emotional connection with the target audience, around 54% of consumers want to see more videos they support.
  • Eliminating Customer Support Costs. Through videos, you can answer common questions and address concerns that your current and probable customers may have through a single video.

How to Create an Effective Explainer Video for Your E-Commerce Site?

In order to create an effective explainer video for your e-commerce site, requires a considerable amount of planning and creativity. 

Here are a few steps you can follow:

Define your goal: What do you hope your explainer video will accomplish? Do you seek to optimize conversions, enhance awareness of your company, or cut servicing costs? Your intent will direct the content, style, and tone of your video.

Know your audience: Who are you attempting to attract with your explainer video? What are their concerns, wants, and needs? How can your business’s goods or services help them solve their issues or make their daily lives better? The topic, language, and tone of your video will be based on your audience.

Write a script: Undoubtedly, an explainer video script is the backbone of your video. To hook audiences’ attention, it should contain a catchy hook, a crisp explanation of your product or service, and be easy to understand.

Choose a style: There are multiple explainer video styles one can choose from such as animated, live-action, whiteboard, screencast, etc. You must choose a style that matches your brand’s requirements and is easy to identify. Your style choice will directly impact the quality and output of your explainer video, hence, you might want to carefully consider this step.

Hire a professional: It’s always better to choose a professional explainer video production agency unless you have proficient skills and knowledge of tools for creating explainer videos yourself.

From research to scripting, voiceover, animation, and editing, an experienced agency might be the best choice for creating explainer video content for your e-commerce site. This is also a beneficial deal, as you receive high-quality work that is also within your budget and timeline.

Where To Place Your Explainer Video on Your Website? 

The placement of every element on your website holds immense importance, a notion that cannot be stressed enough. When considering your explainer video, which you’ve dedicated time and effort to creating, its placement becomes crucial. Even the most exceptional explainer video loses its value if visitors struggle to locate it!

To determine the ideal placement, I recommend experimenting with different versions with the help of heatmaps. Heatmaps provide a valuable tool for finding the perfect spot for your videos. Try out various locations and observe where your video garners the most clicks.

Placement of explainer videos.

In many instances, if only a few individuals are clicking on your video, it may not be the fault of the explainer video itself. Rather, it could be attributed to its placement in an unexpected area on your website.

Heatmaps also serve as a useful means to identify any issues with your video. For instance, you can detect if people encounter difficulties playing it. If you’re keen on understanding the precise happenings, employing a session replay tool can be incredibly beneficial. By tracking each individual user on your site, you can pinpoint any problems surrounding your video.

Enhancing the user experience by analyzing heatmaps and employing session replay tools not only aids in optimizing the placement of your explainer video but also ensures that it functions seamlessly for your audience.

How To Measure the Effectiveness Of Your Explainer Video? 

Measuring the effectiveness of your explainer videos is crucial, and web analytics tools can be your valuable allies in this endeavor. They enable you to gather insightful data about your website, such as page views and sessions, which provide key indicators of video performance. By analyzing the average session length, you can draw conclusions regarding the number of people who actually watched your videos.

Consider this scenario: If you have a three-minute video on a page, but the average session length for that particular page is just one minute, there is a strong likelihood that the majority of visitors did not watch the video. This insight can prompt you to reassess the placement or presentation of your video to capture and engage your audience effectively.

Another valuable aspect that web analytics tools offer is the ability to differentiate between various traffic sources. For instance, if you observe that the number of clicks on your video from mobile devices is relatively low, it suggests that your video may lack mobile-friendly or responsive features. Understanding this information empowers you to optimize your video’s appearance and functionality across different platforms, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for all users.

Analyzing a video's performance with the help of heatmaps.

Measuring explainer video performance with the help of events

A highly effective method for measuring the performance of your explainer videos is by setting events. By implementing event tracking, you can capture specific user actions, such as clicking on a video. This level of granular data allows you to evaluate the engagement and interaction levels of your audience, enabling you to fine-tune your video strategy based on real-time feedback.

Leveraging web analytics tools and employing event tracking mechanisms provides you with actionable insights to gauge the effectiveness of your explainer videos. By understanding user behavior, optimizing for different devices, and tracking specific actions, you can continuously improve and optimize your video content to resonate with your target audience effectively.


In conclusion, explainer videos prove to be an exceptional and highly effective choice for creating compelling e-commerce content on websites. Their unique capability to enhance conversions and elevate brand awareness sets them apart from other forms of media.

However, to truly maximize the impact of your explainer videos, it is essential to employ web analytics tools.
These valuable resources help you understand how well your videos are performing and how effective they are. You can use this information to make smart decisions based on data and improve your strategies.

In a highly competitive online world, explainer videos that utilize web analytics tools can truly make your brand stand out. By constantly analyzing and improving your video content using real-time data, you can boost conversions. It can also help you to improve brand visibility and build stronger connections with your target audience.

Incorporating web analytics tools into your video marketing strategy is not just a choice but a necessity. It is especially important in today’s digital age. Embrace the insights they provide, and let your explainer videos thrive as powerful catalysts for business success.


Why should I use explainer videos for my business?

Explainer videos are effective tools for businesses because they can quickly grab the viewer’s attention, simplify complex topics, increase audience engagement, and convey key messages in a memorable way.

What are the different types of explainer videos?

There are several types of explainer videos, including animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, live-action explainer videos, screencast explainer videos, and motion graphics explainer videos.

How long should an explainer video be?

The ideal length for an explainer video is typically between 60 to 90 seconds. It’s important to keep the video concise and focused to maintain viewer engagement. However, depending on the complexity of the topic or the platform where the video will be shared, the length can vary. The key is to communicate the core message effectively without overwhelming the viewer with unnecessary details.

How much does it cost to create an explainer video?

The cost of creating an explainer video can vary widely depending on factors such as video length, animation complexity, production quality, and the expertise of the video production team.

What are the key elements of a successful explainer video?

A successful explainer video typically includes a clear and compelling script, visually appealing and relevant animations, a professional voiceover or engaging captions, and a strong call-to-action.

How can I promote and distribute my explainer video effectively?

To promote and distribute your explainer video effectively, consider embedding it on your website or landing page. This allows visitors to easily access and view the video when they browse your site.

How to measure the effectiveness of my explainer video?

Utilize heatmap tools to analyze user behavior on the webpage where the video is embedded. Assess which parts of the video receive the most attention or interactions, and whether viewers engage with associated elements like clickable links or buttons.

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