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Which Behavioral Analytics Tools can Help your Webshop?


Do you put a lot of effort into building your webshop, but the sales are still lagging behind? We were in the same situation with our real estate listing page. Despite our continuous hard work, the results fall short of our expectations. Then, we met behavioral analytics and it was a huge step forward and it tripled the conversions for our online business.

Are you interested in what your visitors are exactly doing while you are asleep?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Shopify, a WooCommerce, or a Magento store owner, you have an e-commerce dashboard with all kinds of data, where you can track the progress of your ordered products. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you already have all the important quantitative metrics to track, like the number of completed sales or the volume of returning customers. But does it really help you with understanding the real motives of your visitors? You probably have the numbers on how many of your customers abandon your cart, but do you also understand why they leave your website without buying anything?

This is where Capturly comes into the picture. It can provide you with behavioral analytics, which can not only tell you what happened on your website, but it can also answer the “why?” questions. In the aspect of online businesses, we mostly talk about session replays and heatmaps when it comes to these advanced analytics.

Heatmaps montage

Behavioral analytics allows you to see the whole purchase process of your visitors with your own eyes, just like you were watching your customers’ screen while they are browsing your site. Your visitors’ behavior can move on a wide scale, even if you have a well-targeted niche market. Using these analytics tools can be a great start to understand your visitors better and find their key motives. Behavioral analytics is used by many big players as well, like eBay, Target, or Virgin. For example, Target, one of the largest retailer in the US, increased its digital sales by more than 30% from the 2015 Christmas season to the 2016 Christmas season by using behavioral analytics.

It’s amazing to see how people are behaving on my site and pinpoint the blocking issues which I can fix.

By using these advanced techniques, you may find that some of your visitors like to spend more time in the product gallery, while others look for technical descriptions or product reviews. Traditional quantitative metrics will never show you these actions and motives, but Capturly analytics can. In addition, it’s very simple to implement since it has a plugin for the most popular e-commerce engines: Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.

Now, let’s find out, how behavioral analytics works in practice.

Session replays

Session recordings are video recordings of user sessions happening on your website. This feature shows what motivates your customers the most, whether they read the product descriptions or not, how they select products, and what actions they take during the checkout process. It can answer all of your questions and the recordings can be checked anytime. The recording process automatically starts just after you implement the tracking code on your website! Travis Perkins, lift its conversion by 26% by using and analyzing its session recordings.  

session replay video


Heatmaps are the perfect additions to your session replays. It’s the aggregated view of all of your clicks and scrolls that happen on your website. It’s a great tool to find out where your visitors click, which segments are the most attractive to them.  Furthermore, in Capturly, you also have the option to track your clicks by channels, which is a great feature when you want to track the outcome of your Facebook or Google Ad campaigns. Appsumo is also a huge fan of this feature.

heatmap video

+1, the Conversion funnels

The conversion funnel is the bonus feature in Capturly. It’s more like an addition to your behavioral analytics. A methodology to track the whole conversion process of your visitors from the very first step they arrive at your website until they click the last checkout button. This feature enables you to highlight where and why your customers abandon their carts. It’s the perfect tool to understand the user flow on your website and pinpoint which pages you are most interested in.

Conversion funnel example form visits via discover and check out to orders

What’s next?

Installing Google Analytics to your website and following your sales metrics are essential, but if you would like to understand your visitors more, you need to step forward and add behavioral analytics to your website as well. Expanding your current metrics will be a new dimension in increasing your sales. It just works, easily. Start using these tools.

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