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7 B2B E-Commerce Trends That Drive You Sales


E-Commerce businesses are creating a boom in the world. Every business has ventured into e-commerce. With technology developing rapidly, B2B commerce is intensifying too and gaining popularity in all spheres. Leading e-commerce sites have more than a million customers now, all thanks to their advanced and attractive ways of promotion and doing business.

B2B e-commerce trends and Magento multivendor extension have changed since the first scenario. As 2018 evolves, the B2B e-commerce trends (especially user experience) are gaining more ground and evolving differently.
We present you the best B2B e-commerce trends for 2018 that will help you to remain in front of your competition and succeed on the web. Here’s a list of 7 B2B commerce trends to watch in 2018.

1) Younger B2B buyers:

The present batch of high B2B buyers is young and technology savvy. Sophisticated and eager, buyers are more accustomed to e-commerce websites and know all ways of getting business done. In such a state, the B2B merchants are too giving their all in through Magento daily deal extension to understand the purchasing methods and techniques of this batch of young buyers to increase businesses through user experience. Nowadays buyers don’t spend much time on cumbersome slow websites and processes, they are on a lookout for faster and more efficient e-commerce sites that are quick and reliable. And the Magento multivendor extension and B2B merchants just aim that.

2) Higher Mobile E-Commerce:

B2B marketing has become more mobile-centric. The buyers of today are more equipped with technological devices and are mobile friendly. They opt for browsing products and stuff on their mobile and purchase rather than sitting on their desktops. As such, getting a mobile friendly application version of the B2B e-commerce is fruitful for garnering more businesses.

Companies are finding that an ever-increasing number of customers are likely going to purchase their product by means of cell phones because of its ease and comfort – Magento as of late said that more than 50%+ of website’s traffic will originate from versatile applications. Therefore, B2B organizations must make it a need to have a mobile-friendly/responsive site with the goal that it can be seen on all gadgets including cell phones, tablets, iPhones, and PC.

3) Personalization:

personal user experience

B2B merchants are nowadays investing a lot in studying customer’s preferences and specifications. Personalizing the user experience of the customer and later providing those references and updates of the products and services based on their preferences is the key to a successful business. Buyers love to be treated well. They look for specialized products and choice catalogs wherefrom they can choose and purchase. The merchants through Magento daily deal extension get their best in the team to study these customers and their preferences so that they get the best of treatment and come back for more purchases.
When customers to a specific B2B online store discover the store’s user experience design customized to them and they get what they need right in their grasp, it will be invaluable for B2B organizations to sustain and increment sales.  That is the reason online business organizations must remember to give the customers customized user experience with the goal that the customers get the very thing they are searching for wherever and at whatever point.

4) Transparent Pricing:

A B2B buyer would definitely head back to an e-commerce business that has transparent pricing and no hidden costs to add to the final bill. For example, a customer would choose a few product quantities according to his/her budget into the cart and on checkout the pricing soars up with additional costs. This definitely has a negative impact on the overall user experience and turns off the customer a lot and creates a sour reputation of the e-commerce business in the customer’s eyes. So transparent pricing, as well as product details strongly define the final user experience and are a crucial factor in a successful B2B e-commerce environment.

5) Lesser Ads:

Too much advertisement spoils the mood of the customer. Promoting products and services is fine, but overdoing of the ads in the name of promotion isn’t acceptable. B2B businesses are more into customer interaction and contact rather than advertisements. This helps them to create a good rapport with the customers and the promotion is simply done by word of mouth by these customers themselves. Needless to say, that word of mouth strongly correlates with the user experience. The interaction also helps to build trust with the customers.

6) On-Site Video

B2B businesses are engaging in on-site videos as a newer form of content type for their business. Apart from the regular content, the on-site video is a welcome change in promotions and interactions with their customers. A video can relate to the customer in a better way in comparison to the whitepaper and also connects to the customer in a trustworthy way. Emotional design plays a strong role when it comes to improving the site’s user experience.

The genuine key to mastering this B2B e-commerce trend slant is to make no less than types of videos:

  • short, true to videos illustrating your product or service at an abnormal state
  • strategic recordings — regularly, minimal more than very much described screen-catches — the demonstrate that same product in real life.

7) Mobile Contact:

user experience mobile

B2B sales through mobile contact with customers are a good way of creating and promoting business. Though the business starts with self-service, the buyers feel good and develop a trust when they interact with a person from the e-commerce site. Moreover, with the usage of mobile devices on the rise for shopping and almost every communication, mobile contact is the best way to go. If you think about it, website optimization for mobile is the ultimate way of connecting with potential customers. These devices have become one of the most personal objects of modern society.

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