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Category: UX


Corporate WordPress Themes For a Better User Experience

wordpress themes for better user experience

In today’s world, online business is growing in volume. Organizations need to have a substantial presence in the online world. Corporate businesses want to keep their professional identities intact. Companies wish their websites to be a reflection of them and their professionalism. They also desire their websites to provide a user-friendly experience. For businesses that

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How to Create a Better App UI and UX Design

app UI/UX design

There is no doubt in the fact that mobile apps have penetrated every sphere of our life, including even some of the innermost recesses of our daily life. Yes, for a modern person living an urban life without mobile apps is unthinkable. From working as a ready to use organizer and productive tool for all-day

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Trends in UX Design: The IoT Perspective

ux design trend IoT

User experience (UX) design is one of the main focal points when designing any product. It’s about offering ease of use, accessibility, and reliability to your consumers so they can effortlessly interact with digital solutions.  Internet of Things is a rapidly evolving technology taking the world by a storm. It promises to improve, simplify, and

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Product Page Design That Sells

product page design that sells

Designing a website that attracts new customers is not easy. Of course, you need to have great content and also having a good inventory on your site is a must. But one of the most important things to a successful and attractive website is the page design. This is, arguably, the most challenging thing to

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How to Use Micro Interactions to Improve the UI/UX

micro interactions to improve user experience

Microinteractions, which can be as simple as giving Likes to Facebook posts to email notifications to the animation referring to the loading process of a web page, continue to play a significant role in the digital interactions and activities. Without microinteractions, the sophisticated user experience of apps seems to be impossible now. Naturally, microinteractions are

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UX/Website Analytics

How Capturly Goes Alongside With Other Tools


Today, the essence of online marketing is efficiency, and at one point this can only be achieved through the use of properly combined (and mostly tightly integrated) online marketing software. As far as marketing software is concerned, there are now very professional solutions at a low cost. When choosing tools it is important to focus

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