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At Capturly, we’re working on a full-scale online analytics tool which can provide online businesses with first-hand feedback and real business insights simply and intelligibly. Our mission is to make easier for our customers to make those business decisions which will result in amazing business development. The company itself was established in 2016 and has been successful since then; by now, our product has hundreds of users, among Movistar, ProofHub and Uber.

“Insights speak louder than numbers.”

Capturly is built on expertise in programming, data-science, business and engineering. All of these values and expertises form a happy, enthusiastic company for the benefit of our customers.

The Capturly Team

Capturly team Gergely Csapó CEO and Co-founder

Gergely Csapó

CEO and Co-founder

Capturly Team Akos Boros COO and Co-founder

Ákos Boros

COO and Co-founder

Capturly team Zsofia Gyulai CMO

Zsófia Gyulai


Capturly Team Robert Toth Content Marketing Manager

Róbert Tóth

Content Marketing Manager

Capturly team Zsolt Lazar Senior Developer

Zsolt Lázár

Senior Developer

Capturly team Tamas Kelemen Full-Stack Web Developer

Tamás Kelemen

Full-Stack Web Developer

Capturly team Tamas Fazekas Frontend Developer

Tamás Fazekas

Frontend Developer

Capturly team Szabolcs Dombi Systems Engineer

Szabolcs Dombi

Systems Engineer

Capturly team Imre Veres Account Manager

Veres Imre

Account Manager

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