Capturly Documentation

Capturly setup

Capturly setup

Start your conversion optimization journey by adding Capturly’s tracking code to your website.

Capturly account setting

Account settings

Here you can learn how to configure Capturly and manage your billing settings.

Analytics platform


Track the performance of your most important metrics and learn how to use events in Capturly.

Conversion funnel

Conversion funnel

Learn how to create and analyze a conversion funnel in Capturly.

Session replay

Session replay

Learn how to use Capturly’s session replay feature to know why your visitors leave your website.

Website heatmap


Learn how to create, filter and analyze segment, scroll and click heatmaps in Capturly.



Get to know the steps to make your survey implementation straightforward and effective.

JavaScript errors

Learn about common JavaScript errors and practical troubleshooting tips to enhance UX.