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Website UX Design Trends for 2018


There’s no denying the importance of great user experience design in 2018. Top marketers and designers cited user-friendly and user-focused design as one of the top features successful businesses and brands utilized in 2017.  Website optimization technology and UX design that leads to higher conversion rates remain the focus as we head into 2018.

Where is UX Design Headed in 2018?

User experience was a huge predictor of design in 2017 and designing with users in mind will continue to direct trends in 2018. Here are a few of the major trends in website optimization and design we can expect to see in 2018.

Design That Saves Time

With today’s user’s attention span coming in around 8 seconds, it’s more important than ever to have a fast and responsive design that catches and holds the attention of its users.

|So what does timesaving design entail?

  • Design that considers the most common user navigation patterns
  • Carefully and tastefully placed pop-ups that help users find what they are looking for
  • Anticipatory design that considers how users might interact with a particular site

Voice Activation

In 2016, Google research showed that on mobile devices almost 20 percent of searches were completed with voice activation.  Creating a voice-activated interface on your site is key for website optimization. Voice-activated technology such as Alexa and Google Now are gaining in popularity across the board. This technology will maintain its importance in 2018 as it becomes more accurate and more users rely on it for their searches.

Fixing Annoying Bugs

This year will see UX design focusing on ways to correct annoying bugs that have bothered users for a while now. These will probably include:

  • Improving slow page load times
  • Implementing more cloud-based apps for storage across multiple devices
  • Easing device transition during purchases and user interactions

More Interactive User Experiences

Chatbots were huge in 2017 and will continue to gain importance in 2018. Creating ways for users to have a more personal experience on a website is the biggest challenge and focus for website optimization in the New Year.

More Changes on the Horizon

As we enter 2018, UX design will see many new changes as well as growths and improvements to already existing user experience enhancements. Video as a medium of choice will continue to gain momentum. Quality, consistent, and relevant content will also become increasingly important in the world of website optimization.

As new technology develops, more UX design trends will continue to emerge and pull the focus in design even more towards creating a high-quality user experience. 

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