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How to increase e-commerce traffic? – Both organic and paid

How to increase e-commerce traffic? – Both organic and paid


There are a number of business owners that are struggling with getting more traffic on their online store. They’ve tried just about everything and nothing seems to work. They are looking for an answer to an important question, which sounds like this: What could be the reason if your webshop traffic can’t increase?

Any webshop will fundamentally be unable to generate a significant amount of customer traffic if the basic requirements are not met, regardless of the online advertising channel.

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There are critical requirements that must be met for your online ads to be successful and produce as much revenue as possible for you, regardless whether you are launching a new webshop or increasing the revenue of your current webshop.

Factors affecting PPC ads’ effectiveness in raising your webshop’s revenue

In order for online advertisements to actually result in purchases being made and not just “worthless” webshop visits without any purchase transactions, each webshop must adhere to the basic requirements listed below.

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#1 Webshop usability – easy usage and appearance 

Building a devoted customer base is the cornerstone of success, thus the company must design an online shopping experience that encourages repeat business. Visitors judge businesses in the e-commerce industry based on their online stores, thus it is crucial that the page load time is rapid, that customers can navigate the site easily and quickly locate the information they need, and that the photographs are of high quality.

It is essential that your online store’s checkout process is simple to complete, without major obstacles. The start of the payment process should be easily accessible without having to search on the product page, and there should be a clearly visible add to cart button. 

Offering your customers a variety of payment and delivery options is also essential. The possibility of online bank card payment is key as well as the fact customers can opt for an expensive but more convenient home delivery option or a cheaper one.. Another crucial aspect is that your webshop should make clear the information regarding delivery times and costs.

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Some pages on your website should load as quickly as possible (maximum 2 seconds), as the expected e-commerce conversion rate of your website drops by 50% after 3 seconds. 

The display of your webshop should be responsive, that is, the display of the elements should work properly for any screen size. The layout of your online store should be organized, with the individual components not slid apart.

Use the relevant CTA components on the website in a form that is both visibly obvious and easily usable, such as “add to cart,” “start payment,” and “remove from cart.” Use CTA elements on mobile devices that are suitably sized so that users of webshops may simply click on them, even with small mobile screens.  Furthermore, you should use appropriate filters on the product category page to properly display the products. 

#2 Give enough information to your webshop customers

Show a product from a variety of angles and use high-quality product images on your product pages! Keep in mind that you should offer the virtual viewing function in your online store, for instance, in the case of a dress or shoe.

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Your product descriptions have to be  accurate, and informative. Consider the questions potential buyers might have about the specified product (such as material, warranty,  etc). Create a FAQ section, an educational blog post, or a decision guide with the most frequently asked questions and their responses for complicated products that need to be explained. Create a sense of transparency and trust with your customers by giving them the chance to evaluate your products.

Before making a purchase, I’m sure you also research the product online to see what other customers have to say about it. People want to be certain that the product will not let them down and will actually live up to their expectations, which is already a basic need in today’s world. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to encourage review writing and make the evaluations accessible to visitors.

Furthermore, use trust-enhancing components in your web shop, such as a “trustworthy store,” superbrands, any acknowledgement of a user-friendly webshop, professional awards, or any other component demonstrating the exceptional quality of service and customer support.

#3 Ensure that your webshop’s fundamental technical requirements are met

The buttons and each webshop function should operate perfectly.  Test your website frequently to make sure there aren’t any new technical problems. When changing a webshop engine or making other significant changes, run a thorough test first. Continually check your internal links to make sure none of them lead to broken pages. A less well-known but frequent issue is when some products cannot be removed from the cart. Ensure if there is any similar malfunction. If it occurs, fix it as soon as possible.

#4 Use right measurements to monitor results and make decisions

You must make sure that the outcomes of upcoming advertisements can be precisely measured and the results of online channels can be tracked before launching any digital advertising campaign on your webshop. We cannot make a well-founded decision or choose the best strategy for our online marketing activities without proper measurement.

Avoid the error of focusing only on measuring purchase transactions; instead, track all relevant webshop interactions. Create a Google Search Console account and monitor any error warnings, broken URLs, and usability problems.

Have accurate Google Advertisements-tagged conversion measures and dynamic remarketing settings if you run Google Shopping ads. Let’s carefully set up your Google Merchant Center account and continuously improving your product feed. You should set up the same components if you run Facebook ads.

Let’s utilize a tool that can help you identify issues with how people are using your online store and that can help you improve the user interface of your webshop (home page, the product search results page, or the product page). Let’s test, then adjust your online store depending on the findings.

The fact that the owner of the webshop bases his growth strategy solely on pay-per-click advertisements is frequently a barrier to increasing webshop traffic. Without additional supporting activities, we can quickly reach a level, above which we cannot continue to grow. Therefore the proper combination of mutually beneficial key components within the online marketing channel like ppc advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. is the real driver of growth.

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Increasing traffic with search engine optimization

There are obviously a lot of of way of getting people to come to our website, but SEO is one of the best converting sources because it can provide stable source of  traffic in the long term. So the number one way to generate more traffic on your website is SEO of course.

Although the SEO for online stores shouldn’t fundamentally differ from that of traditional websites, in terms of their purpose and structure, it is worth treating webshops as a separate group. 

Your website should be optimized to be found on Google with your keywords and key phrases. You or your SEO experts should do the research to find out what are the best keywords and key phrases that people are searching for when they’re looking for your products and services. It is essential to use online tools to find the proper keywords and phrases as you refine your keyword collection. These are the terms that users are most likely to use when looking for a product online on search engines,  so their use is crucial for generating traffic. If you have the keywords, use them in the headlines, in URLs, in  blog posts, and in metadata. 

Page loading speed is also a criterion closely related to SEO, for which it is also worth running a test and correcting any problems.

In any case, it is worth plus points if an online store not only wants to sell, but also provides the appropriate professional support and education for customers, or is an expert in the field and uses this appropriately. Signs of this may include:

  •  blog section on the related topic, writing helpful, educational content
  • videos or vlog channel about product presentations and product tests
  •  free downloadable resources
  • downloadable instructions for use
  • offers related services


When increasing webshop revenue, the limiting criteria mentioned above are extremely crucial.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand how online advertising campaigns that are not tailored to the specifics of the target webshop, such as the use of out-of-date campaign types, inappropriate campaign goals, and in a very common instance, the use of ppc campaign goals that are not in line with business objectives, may impede the growth of webshop traffic.

In addition let’s not overlook the fact that a webshop needs to focus on improving both income and return on investment! Unfavorable cost structures and overly low margins for webshop sales are frequent obstacles to increasing ROI. In general, we cannot successfully enhance the return on our webshop if we do not have a suitable margin. 

When beginning a new webshop or improve an existing one, keep an eye out for essential circumstances and keep in mind that doing so involves a substantial expenditure that won’t become profitable for some time. Growth cannot occur without investment!

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