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15 Best SaaS Tools for 2023

15 Best SaaS Tools for 2023


With more SaaS tools available today than ever before, regardless of what type of business you have or what type of services you provide, there’s a chance that you have countless feature-rich apps available to help you out. 

In fact, with so many SaaS tools and platforms at their disposal, most businesses often need help deciding the one tool that deserves the most attention. 

Saas tools are packed with powerful features and functionalities even in a diverse market. However, finding a tool that does everything you need can seem like an overly complicated “techie” task.  

That said, we thought of making things simple and easy for you. Therefore, we have listed below the 5 best SaaS tools for you in 2023. 

Before you get into the specifics, it is crucial to establish a simple outline of what you need and how you can evaluate the available tools. 


Established in 2016, and has hundreds of satisfied customers, including Movistar, ProofHub, and Uber. Capturly is the most effective, full-scale, and feature-enriched online business analytics SaaS tool. It is ideal for companies that primarily focus on conversion and retention.  

With the help of JavaScript, this SaaS tool records your website’s visitors in real-time and relays this information to its services, where it is processed and presented to you. 

At the servers, the information proceeds to understand the user behavior, improve user experience, and increase the conversion rate. 


Capturly offers a 14-day free trial on all of its subscription plans. Its subscription plans include Lite, Growth, and a Custom plan. The cost of all the subscription plans is as follows: 

  • Free Subscription: 1000 recorded sessions/day 
  • Lite Subscription: 5000 recorded sessions/day at $23 per month
  • Growth Subscription: 15000 recorded sessions/day at $63 per month 
  • Custom Subscription: Custom recorded sessions/day at a custom price per month


Some of the most popular features this tool is known for include an analytics platform, session replay, heatmaps, conversion funnel, and event analytics. 

This tool shows where your visitors are getting stuck and displays every action they take., a popular web design company, also uses Capturly to attract more users, design engaging user experiences, and grow on-site conversions. 


In short, this tool automates all types of advice. Whether you’re a consultant, HR professional, doctor, or a financial advisor, the expertise you’re sharing with your clients is usually done manually and takes up a lot of your time. 

Pointerpro developed a tool that helps you automate that manual and time-consuming process of giving everyone your personal advice. Can automation go hand in hand with a personal touch? You might be sceptical. But this tool allows you to personalize assessment feedback to a very high degree. You create your own assessment, define your variables, add formulas and create a flexible PDF report that is generated for each respondent individually.

Turn your expertise into a tool that delivers individualized advice at scale.


You can start a free trial to check out the functionalities of the tool. 

For a monthly fee of 49$/month you can create your own assessment with 400 responses coming in each month. For more responses and PDF report generation, you can check out the higher plans and contact the Pointerpro team for more info. They are really quick and helpful.


  • Large variety of question types
  • Generate a PDF right after taking the questionnaire
  • Drag & drop PDF report builder with preview
  • Individual, aggregated & team PDF reports
  • Extended design options with custom CSS
  • Variable end messages & outcomes based on scores and answers
  • Multiple languages
  • Email invitations with unique tracking link
  • Multiple users and team management

Scalefusion UEM

Scalefusion UEM is an intuitive and powerful app that allows IT to manage, secure, and deploy resources and applications on any device. Scalefusion UEM helps IT admins reduce the time spent managing a host of devices across multiple platforms (Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux). Whether it’s company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD), Scalefusion MDM is a one-stop solution for organizations that have a globally distributed workforce. Its single, unified dashboard ensures seamless endpoint management with the flexibility of scaling up or down.  


Users can opt for a 14-day free trial and explore all features. Pricing options include: Starter ($2 per device/month); Business ($3 per device/month); Enterprise ($4 per device/month). 


– Multi-OS Support 

– Remote Cast and Control

– Location Services

– Kiosk-mode Locking of Devices

– Reports and Workflow Management

– Device Encryption


Narrato is an AI-enabled content planning and creation platform that lets you manage your entire content process in one place. It is built for busy content teams and marketers looking to replace a scattered and disjointed tool stack with a single comprehensive solution. From building your monthly content plans to creating and optimizing content for search to publishing, Narrato minimizes toggling between different tools and apps to get it done.


Narrato has a free plan for teams and individuals just getting started. The paid plans start at an extremely affordable price of $9 per user per month. You can also build custom plans based on your unique requirements.


  • AI writing assistant for multiple use cases
  • AI content assistant with grammar, readability, and plagiarism checks
  • SEO content brief generator offering keyword suggestions, competitor links, and more
  • Custom content workflows and workflow automation
  • Content calendars and Kanban boards for content planning
  • Custom user roles and access, with Guest roles and freelancer payments management
  • On-task messages, comments and @ mentions
  • AI image generation. Free image & graphic search tool
  • Custom content templates and style guides library
  • WordPress publishing support, custom integrations with API, and Zapier integration


NuovoPay is a leading Device Financing Risk Management (DFRM) platform that helps financing institutions and telecom carriers mitigate risks associated with the financing devices such as smartphones and laptops. As a leader in DFRM, Nuovopay helps organizations recover device costs and boost revenue while balancing the risk of payment default by customers.


Free up to 10 devices 


– Default and Delinquency Management 

– Fraud Detection and Prevention (e.g., sim-swap fraud)

– Automation (e.g., automated payment reminders)

– Integration with other solutions 

– Reporting & Analytics 

– Customer Portal (to check payment history and upcoming payments)


SSTikTok is the ultimate solution for all your TikTok video downloading needs. It is a simple and user-friendly TikTok video downloader that allows you to save TikTok videos from the popular social media platform directly to your device. With just a few clicks, you can download your favorite TikTok videos and watch them anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. Whether you’re a fan of music videos, comedy skits, or anything in between, SSTikTok.Org makes it easy to download and enjoy TikTok content.

No more buffering, no more waiting – now you can enjoy your favorite TikTok content anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Say goodbye to limited access and hello to unlimited TikTok fun with SSTikTok.Org.


This plan is completely free and offers unlimited video downloads with basic features available.


Easy and Fast Video Downloads

Unlimited Downloads


If you’re working with influencers, you need an influencer marketing tool to find the right influencers, see their analytics, and easily manage your influencer campaigns.

Promoty is an all-in-one influencer management platform that is basically a CRM of managing influencers: you can add your (potential) influencers, organize them, use the in-app chat to reach out to them and agree on details, and track their collaboration content.

If you need more relevant creators for your brand, you can search their global influencer database – filtering by interests, audience, or social media metrics. Additionally, Promoty provides you detailed insights of every Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencer profile worldwide. 


Premium plans start from $50 monthly, and scale with the number of influencers. They also have a free plan available.


  • Influencer search
  • Influencer analytics
  • Influencer CRM
  • Chat with influencers
  • Content monitoring
  • Team collaboration


Established in 2018, Ampliz can be your best prospecting partner. The success of an email marketing campaign depends upon the maximum open rate and minimum bounce rate. And Ampliz takes care of it very well. 

Ampliz collects the data from 100+ credible sources and gets them validated by 800+ experts to offer you the most accurate, reliable, and real-time updated dataset of your prospects. Whether it is B2B for APAC, or Healthcare for the USA, Ampliz ensures you the highest conversion rate by offering you the dataset of your potential clients. 


  • Ampliz holds a global database of 400 million contacts and 9M+companies
  • Ampliz provides you with 100+firmographic and contact filters i.e, Industry, location, revenue, title, seniority, etc.
  • Ampliz SalesBuddy instantly gets you the prospect fit score, company profile, and contact information of key decision-makers in a single click. 
  • Ampliz can ramp up your hiring process by providing you with the datasets of the most qualified potential hires.
  • With custom data and Ampliz enhance feature, Ampliz allows you to request more intelligence on your prospect list and much more.


Chanty is a team chat tool that helps boost your productivity by 55% and upgrade your collaboration efforts. Be it a small, medium or large team, the features and budget suits everyone willing to take their communication to the next level.

The best part about the app is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface—kiss a goodbye to the learning curve and don’t worry about hours of training when shifting to Chanty. Besides, Chanty extras make it a fun to use app—be able to share multiple content, highlight members, save innovative ideas by pinning them, code snippets with dev-friendly formats and more.

Take control over your team space and go beyond just communicating as the app helps you boost all collaboration and teamwork efforts.


Chanty offers both free and paying plans:

The free plan offers limited features with up to 10 members, whereas, the paid plan offers:

  • Unlimited members and additional features
  • $3/user/month if paid annually
  • $4/user/month if paid monthly


  • Public and private conversations
  • Unlimited searchable history
  • One-on-one audio and video calls
  • Voice messages
  • Built-in task management and kanban board
  • Guest users with different permission roles
  • Screen sharing
  • Unlimited integrations


EngageBay is a compact CRM system, which includes a marketing, sales, and service SaaS tool with free live chat software. For purposes such as enhancing customer experience, this tool is quite popular among small and medium-sized businesses. 

Live chat supports to enable you to solve customer problems efficiently and develop long-lasting customer relationships. Your live chat agents will also have all the essential information for effective communication and turnaround time. 

This tool facilitates seamless transfer across agents to serve your customer’s best interests. In addition, it also provides in-depth and valuable insights, metrics, and reports to improve customer support. 


EngageBay’s All-in-One Subscription is available in the following price plans: 

Biennial (15% Off)

  • Free: $O per user/month
  • Basic: $12.74 per user/month
  • Growth: $42.49 per user/month
  • Pro: $84.99 per user/month


  • Free: $O per user/month
  • Basic: $14.99 per user/month
  • Growth: $49.99 per user/month
  • Pro: $99.99 per user/month

Yearly (8% Off) 

  • Free: $O per user/month
  • Basic: $13.79 per user/month
  • Growth: $45.99 per user/month
  • Pro: $91.99 per user/month


EngageBay offers a slew of features, including:

  • Easy-to-use marketing automation software
  • Email marketing
  • Live Chat Software
  • Helpdesk software
  • Email Sequences
  • Web Forms to capture online leads
  • Appointment Scheduling Software

EngageBay live chat software is flexible in fitting nicely with its other product so that you can move around the platform seamlessly. As a result, EngageBay is a great and affordable option for small to medium businesses looking to produce quality customer support.


The DataFeedWatch by is a data feed management software that helps you boost your products visibility & multichannel sales and optimizes your product listings on platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Shopzilla, Criteo, and 2000+ more.

DataFeedWatch displays each product’s performance on every platform, so you can remove the poor-performing products with a single click to improve the overall advertising ROI.

Using this tool, you can tailor your data feed to your commercial goals. It also allows you to merge and unmerge product variations based on your destination ad platform. 


  • Shop Subscription: $59 (1K products included)
  • Merchant Subscription: $79 (5K product included)
  • Agency Subscription: $199 (30k products included)
  • Enterprise Subscription: Custom (100k products included)


  • Shop Subscription: $49 (1K products included)
  • Merchant Subscription: $66 (5K product included)
  • Agency Subscription: $166 (30k products included)
  • Enterprise Subscription: Custom (100k products included)


The main features that DatafeedWatch offers are:

  • Data feed creation & optimization
  • Centralized place to manage multiple shops, channels and feeds (dodałam)
  • Google Text Ads Automation (Feed-based)
  • Product-level analytics
  • Competitive price monitoring

Not only is DataFeedWatch an intuitive and easy-to-use tool,  it also accepts different data formats. In addition, you can integrate and connect various eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Lightspeed, etc., with this application.


CIENCE GO Data is a sales intelligence platform that offers over 300 million records of leads from all industries, validated by CIENCE professionals to help you find smart business contacts that match your ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria.

GO Data validates millions of records through regular outbound outreach with up-to-date demographic and technographic records, company information, accurate email addresses, phone numbers, trigger events, specialized data points, and many others. 

With access to highly accurate data, you can build a more effective sales and marketing strategy that can be customized according to the needs of your audience. Get GO Data and grow sales faster. 

SuprSend for Business

SuprSend is a notification infrastructure that allows businesses to send product notifications, such as SMS, email, push, and in-app notifications from a single dashboard. It allows businesses to integrate with various providers like Mailchimp, Twilio, OneSignal, and many more to automate workflows and send notifications via specific channels without the need for multiple tools or platforms. This is done by integrating provider APIs with SuprSend.

SuprSend notification infrastructure


  • Ability to send multiple types of notifications (SMS, email, push, in-app) from a single dashboard
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of notifications
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Ability to integrate with various providers to send notifications via specific channels


Pricing for SuprSend starts at $0 per month for the basic plan, which includes 10000 workflows. The growth plan starts at $99 per month and includes additional workflows up to 25000 in a month and the ability to send messages in the app box.


Zipteams is an intelligent AI-powered meeting room, a powerful tool that provides sales reps with a wealth of customer intelligence, empowering them to deliver truly personalized pitches. This kind of personalization is essential in today’s competitive sales environment, where standing out from the crowd is crucial.

But Zipteams is more than just a tool for personalization. It’s also a solution for freeing up valuable time. By automating many of the manual processes that sales teams typically spend time on, such as updates and scheduling, Zipteams enables sales reps to spend more time connecting with prospects and closing deals.

For sales teams looking to grow and improve their efficiency, Zipteams is a must-have. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Zipteams is delivering game-changing results for sales teams around the world.


  • Seamless Google Calendar Integration: Schedule meetings directly from your calendar with just a few clicks.
  • CRM Integration: Effortlessly integrate with top CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, streamlining your sales workflow.
  • Real-time AI Nudges: Enhance your engagement and conversion rates with AI-powered nudges, delivered in real-time.
  • Collaborative Reporting: Empower managers with interactive reports, facilitating smoother coaching and onboarding across the entire team.


Zipteams offers a range of plans designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Here are the three options available:

Zip Start Plan: Get started with Zipteams for just $199 per month. This plan includes unlimited users and 10,000 meeting minutes per month, along with 5GB of audio recording and screen captures. And for a limited time, sign up in January 2023 and receive a free one-year subscription!

Zip Grow Plan: Ready to take your sales game to the next level? The Zip Grow Plan starts at $499 per month, with unlimited users and 20,000 meeting minutes. You’ll also have access to 100GB of audio recording and screen captures.

Zip Scale Plan: For businesses looking to scale, the Zip Scale Plan offers everything you need. Starting at $1199 per month, this plan includes unlimited users, 30,000 meeting minutes, and a massive 1TB of audio recordings and screen recordings.

No matter which plan you choose, Zipteams provides all the tools you need to maximize your sales succes and experience the power of AI-driven Sales. 


Radarr is an advanced social listening, monitoring and analytics tool that helps brands understand their target audience better by being able to gain visibility into online conversations. The tool is able to monitor thousands of online platforms including popular social media channels, online forums and communities, websites, website comments and more. With a layer of sentiment analysis, it further gives insight into how an audience feels about campaigns, helping them plan for better sales and marketing. 


  • Multi-channel social media listening 
  • Multi-channel social media monitoring 
  • Social media response management 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Keyword and hashtag configuration 
  • Image analytics 
  • Brand monitoring and management 
  • Crisis management 
  • Consolidated social media analytics 
  • Easy publishing and scheduling on social media


Free trial available; paid plans start from $126/ month to monitor, manage and analyze upto 5 social profiles, keyword and hashtag configuration, automated alerts. Higher custom plans available on request and include image analytics, sentiment analysis and other advanced features. 

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