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Capturly website heatmap
Capturly website heatmap


See user behavior at a glance

Capture a snapshot of every click, tap, and scroll your visitors make on your site with website heatmaps. Curious about where your visitors are clicking? Or perhaps, where they'd like to click, or maybe even the spots they're totally missing out on? Identify the blind spots and areas where customer engagement could be improved. Heatmaps allow you to easily visualize data in a way that numbers alone cannot convey.

With Capturly, you'll get the inside scoop on visitor behavior. That means you'll see all of your visitors in action and even spot trends.

Capturly session recording
Capturly session recording

Session recording

See your website through your visitors' eyes

Get a precise glimpse of what your visitors are doing on your website. Delve beyond the numbers and patterns to understand the behavior of individual users. Uncover user frustrations through rage clicks, u-turns, and mouse outs, and gauge how your audience reacts to various changes on your site.

Take advantage of the session recording's filtering option to select the most relevant recordings. This will help you effortlessly identify and pinpoint issues encountered by only some of your visitors.

Capturly analytics platform
Capturly analytics platform

Analytics platform

Leverage hard data to draw powerful conclusions

Numbers can indeed complement behavioral analytics beautifully. By combining cold, hard numbers with behavioral analytics, you'll gain a holistic understanding of your visitors and swiftly respond to vital trends. Traditional analytics tells you 'what' happened, while behavioral analytics unravels the 'why'!

With Capturly's analytics platform, you can gather all essential data in one place and monitor key metrics in real-time.

Capturly conversion funnel
Capturly conversion funnel

Conversion funnel

Decipher the buyer's journey

Discover whether visitors are meeting your set goals, and pinpoint where potential revenue is lost. With funnels, not only can you observe each step leading to your ultimate goal, but also review relevant recordings to understand why users dropped off. This adds a layer of depth to your understanding of user behavior.

Funnels aren't just about keeping an eye on your ultimate goal; they also focus on every crucial step leading up to it. Choose key events or visited URLs on your site and trace your visitors’ journey, right from signing up to the checkout process. With these insights, optimize the journey and drive greater conversion.

Capturly event analytics
Capturly event analytics

Event analytics

Capture every interaction on your website

With the power of event analytics, track user engagements such as clicks, video plays, and downloads, regardless of the specific webpage. With no restrictions on the number of events you can monitor, you gain sharper, deeper insights into your site's performance.

This expansive tracking capability can be combined with funnels and session recordings for a more comprehensive view of your user journey. From measuring activities across various URLs and pages to pinpointing crucial actions for conversion and retention, no interaction goes unnoticed.

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"A Must Have’ for the digital marketing needs"

It has a user friendly interface, which helps in a quick and easy setup. The best thing is they allow unlimited users in any plan. The Customer service team is great.

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Jasman S.

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

"Really useful analytics for insights you can't get with google analytics"

The ability to track user's navigation, video recordings showing where visitors drop-off, and the ability to track click and usage spots on landing pages.

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Chris C.

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

"Capturly- the best analytics platform"

Capturly is a comprehensive online analytics platform which is helpful to increase revenue for your online business. This platform helps to understand why your visitors leave you...

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Chandrama R.

Graduate Assistant (Admissions)
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

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