Capturly has a wide range of features that offer visitor insights.

Analytics platform – This is your standard analytics platform. Here you can keep an eye on your most important metrics such as number of sessions, average duration of visits, bounce rate, or the usage and proportion of different kind of devices.

Session replay – Capturly’s session replay feature automatically records the mouse movement, clicks and scrolling motions of users who interact with your website. You can analyze and review these recordings later to prevent problems that would occur in the future.

Heatmaps – Heatmaps are one of the main sources of qualitative data. It shows an aggregated view about how visitors behave on your website. Click heatmaps reveal those areas where the visitors expect a clickable object such as a Call-to-action button or a pop-up. Scroll heatmaps cover your webpage with a colored filter, displaying exactly how far visitors scroll down. It helps you to decide where you should place attention-grabbing elements. Segment heatmaps tell you where your traffic comes from. This way you can distinguish returning visitors, and compare traffic sources.

Funnels – This feature focuses on the convertibility of your website. It shows you the full conversion process of your website from where your visitor arrives on your landing page up until a desired action happens (for example the visitor purchases a product, subscribes to a newsletter, downloads a pdf etc.). You can set up and compare specific goals and track the effectiveness of every step. It displays where does your website lose visitors and need further tweaking.

Event Analytics – Capturly can track events and goals for you. With event analytics user interactions such as clicks, video plays, downloads can be tracked independently using custom variables. Goals can be defined as completed activities, that help you determine how well your website performs (such as blog subscription, purchases etc.).