Conversion funnel
Learn how to create and analyze a conversion funnel in Capturly.

What is Capturly’s conversion funnel?

A conversion funnel shows how well is your website able to convert visitors into customers. With the help of Capturly’s funnel, you can specify certain goals and measure the effectiveness of each step. A funnel can help you to understand where you lose your visitors in a current process. Imagine it as a visualization of how your visitors get from A to B.

Example: Let’s see a basic newsletter subscription process.

Visitors arrive on the landing page

  • Click on the Call-to-action (CTA)
  • Fill out a form
  • Clicked on the link in the confirmation email
  • “Thank you” page is presented

How can I use Capturly’s Conversion Funnel feature?

You can have multiple funnels with multiple goals. Pick the one you wish to check in detail from the left dropdown menu (marked green). Now your funnel will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

Conversion funnel menu in Capturly

Heads up: By clicking on the  Edit  icon (marked red), you can modify each and every step. Please note that modifying your funnel can break the continuity of your funnel since a new or modified step may not have any historical data to work from.

By default, you will see the data from the past 7 days. Select a specific date or any timeframe and click on the  Apply  button to see the results.

Under  Overview , you have access to the breakdown of each step by visitor data such as the country or the browser the traffic comes from. If you’re having ongoing Google Ad campaigns you can also track them by source or name. Here is the complete list of all filter options:

  • Returning visitor
  • Referral URL
  • Device model
  • Country
  • Campaign Keyword
  • Campaign Source
  • Campaign Name

Funnel breakdown in Capturly

How can I build a funnel in Capturly?

If you would like to Create a funnel, follow these steps:

STEP 1 Log in to your Capturly account

STEP 2 Select the website you wish to create a funnel on from the top dropdown

STEP 3 Select  Funnels  from the menu on the left

STEP 4Click on the  Create new funnel  button

Create new funnel in Capturly

STEP 5 Define important steps that you wish to track and click on the  Save  button

Example: You wish to track the downloads of an ebook on your site. First, you can create a funnel to track the URL of the page where the download is available. In the next step, you can define an event for the download itself. In Capturly, this example will look like this:

Build a conversion funnel based in URLs


Build a conversion funnel based on events