Squarespace is a free cloud-based, online website builder platform, that lets you build beautiful, responsive websites in a drag and drop style. Users can even add functionality such as plug-ins, online store support. It provides customizable templates, graphics, logos, fonts and many more.

If Squarespace is absolutely new to you, their help center provides all the information you need, to get started. They also have a well-documented guide and videos for the best onboarding experience.

If you decide to run your website on Squarespace, please follow these steps to add the Capturly tracking code to your website with it:

STEP 1 Log into your Squarespace account

STEP 2 Pick Settings on the left panel

STEP 3  Go to Advanced menu

capturly tracking code insatall suqarespace

STEP 4 Click on ‘Code Injection’

capturly code injection squarespace

STEP 5 Grab your Capturly tracking code after logging into Capturly

capturly tracking code location

STEP 6 Paste the tracking code into the box under the following label: “FOOTER

squarespace install capturly in footer

STEP 7 Save


That’s it you’re all set.