After you logging into your Capturly account, choose Goals from the menu on the left. First, click on Manage Goals and then on Create new goal.

In order to create a new goal all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 Log into your Capturly account

STEP 2 Pick Goals from the menu on the left and then click on Manage Goals

STEP 3 Click on Create new goal like highlighted on the image below

STEP 4 Add a name and a description to your goal, and choose a trigger action

Note: On the example above, the goal will trigger when the visitor visits the URL specified by you. You can also define specific keywords in your URLs. Optionally you may want to set a value for your goals. Goal values are great if you wish to track your leads from for example newsletters, document downloads or trial account signups for example.

STEP 5 Click on the Create Goal button to finish the process.