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7 + 1 must have WordPress plugins for website owners in 2016

7+1 must have WordPress plugins for website owners


Do you have a webshop or planning to have one? The plugins included in this list will be crucial for you and your website. It’s not just the same, repeated list you can read everywhere. It provides you useful and effective plugins which are easy to implement and use.

1. Gallery Bank

Purpose: Make your webshop gallery fully responsive
Price: From $26 to $866

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.X: ✔

How can it help you: Approximately half of your users visit your website from a mobile device. If it’s not optimized for them, you instantly lose half of your potential sales.

This fantastic plugin makes it possible for visitors and users to view the content via a so-called overlay effect optimized for the users coming from mobile devices. As it has a WooCommerce product gallery support too, there’s no need to make enormous alterations, all you have to do is to activate the plugin and personalize it.

Gallery Bank provides 200+ features allowing you to create stunning photo galleries on any WordPress site, including your WooCommerce website too. Gallery Bank’s here to help you create beautiful albums with images and videos using grid albums, list albums, individual albums, masonry layouts and thumbnail layouts with special effects and animation effects.

Having many customizable options, it’s highly ideal for both smaller and bigger webshops. Displaying pictures the right way is a huge pain point in increasing conversions regardless of the size of the company or the website.

Are you interested? Download Gallery Bank or take a look at its live demo.

2. Image Optimizer

Purpose: Making your webshop faster without compromising the quality of your images
Price: Subscriptions from $5 to $79

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.X: ✔

How can it help you: It makes your website load faster with a lossless rescaling image compression method.

This is crucial for everyone because many users visit your website via their mobile phones. Chances of them using cellular data for surfing the web are pretty high.

The faster your website is, the more content users you’ll have. Other than that it also means better statistics and page ranks for your business (yes, it also affects your SEO).

It not only works for the most popular image types like JPG, PNG and even GIF. This way you don’t have to worry about the extension either.

Are you interested? Download or take a look at its website.

3. Capturly

Purpose: Optimize your website according to the needs of your users
Price: Free, $29 to $299

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.3: ✔

How can it help you: During its trial period with unlimited access to every feature, it will shed light on the most crucial pain points of your website, giving you priceless insights.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a programmer, UX designer or marketer specialist to solve the problems and implement the solutions.

Traditional website optimizing software won’t be able to clear up many of the problems, but Capturly will.

The playback and heatmap features show you problems which are indispensable to be solved if you want to have a profitable and user-friendly website.

The ROI of this solution is much higher than any traditional analytics tool’s, it’s guaranteed.

Are you interested? Download Capturly or take a look at its live demo.

4. SEO by Squirrly

Purpose: Helps you in creating SEO and also human-friendly content
Price: Plans from $19.99 to $75.99

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.3: ✔

How can it help you: Recommended by Neil Patel, it’s one of the most recommended plugins for improving a website’s SEO.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert. After uploading the content, the plugin automatically checks it, lighting up in green if it’s optimal for search engines and users. Many e-commerce sites reported as high as +285% increase in the number of the readers after using this plugin.

The plugin comes with a freemium plan, which provides 5 articles published monthly, 5 keyword analysis and also a weekly audit report.
It’s enough for a small website, but if you need more, you can always upgrade for the PRO Plan.

Are you interested? Download SEO by Squirrly or take a look at the testimonials.

5. Icegram

Purpose: A multifunctional toolset for increasing your different conversion rates
Price: Premium addons from $9

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.X: ✔

How can it help you: Icegram provides you 4 different types of conversion increasing tools for free. Depending on what your main conversion goal is, it gives you slide-in messengers, toast notifications, header and footer bars, and of course popups.

It can be customized in many ways to perfectly match the design of your webshop.

Helping your customers, growing your email list, creating alerts, giveaways or invitations is a must, no matter what kind of website you own. Don’t throw this opportunity away, seize the occasion.

Are you interested? Download Icegram or take a look at the premium collection.

6. Advanced Ads

Purpose: Make money by placing AdSense ads on your website
Price: Free

Compatible with: 4.6.0 and up

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.3: ✔

How can it help you: You can create, schedule, display, and rotate unlimited ad units with ease. No coding experience is required when injecting ads into posts or pages. It allows you to also place ads into footer sections, in the head section of the website, in headlines, paragraphs and many more. It allows easy targeting, a large variety of display, visitor conditions.

Are you interested? Download Advanced Ads or read about the pro version here.

7. Smart manager

Purpose: A simple tool for the administration of your WooCommerce site
Price: $0 – $97

Compatible with: 3.7.0 and up

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.3: ✔

How can it help you: With its 5+ years presence, Smart manager offers the best tool to manage the products of your WooCommerce page. Besides being able to sort your products, you can manage your orders and your coupons too!

Save time and money using this plugin. Imagine if you could spend those resources on marketing and the business development of your company.

Are you interested? Download Smart manager or take a look at the demo of the pro version.

+1. AB Press optimizer

Purpose: Create easy AB tests
Price: $49 – $199

Compatible with: 3.7.0 and up

Tested compatibility with WP 5.0.3: ✔

How can it help you: A/B testing is an essential part of the continuous optimization process of your website and making enhancements. AB Press optimizer provides collective a/b testing options for you.

You can test various versions of pictures, CTAs (or simple buttons), forms (like forms in connection with orders and billing info) and even the different headlines. All in one simple and transparent plugin.

Are you interested? Download AB Press optimizer or take a look at the demo of the pro version.

Did we leave out any of your favorite ones? If that’s the case, please tell us about them in the comment section below.

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  • Joachim
    2019-01-11 at 16:39

    Unfortunately, the Google Publisher plugin is deprecated since 2017 and has been removed from the WordPress repository. Google recommends using the free plugin Advanced Ads ( for the integration of AdSense units now. If you are going to update this article at any time, you may add a note about this change.

    • Robert
      2019-01-29 at 14:39

      Thanks for the heads up Joachim!

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