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web design trends for ux

Web Design Trends for a Better User Experience


Staying up to speed on the latest trends can be a challenge, particularly in the field of web design. Thankfully, DesignAdvisor has taken the time to compile a handy infographic called 15 Web Design Trends 2018, so you don’t have to look too far. Here you’ll learn not only about the importance and benefits of web design but also the features that can make or break it including what this all means in terms of UX.

Case studies mentioned throughout the infographic provide real-life evidence of companies succeeding in increasing traffic and conversions by making strategic changes to their websites. One impressive example saw a company experience a 2,900% increase in their conversion rate after making their CTA button more prominent. Another business boosted mobile traffic by 40% as a result of using branded storytelling and improving their overall aesthetics and user experience. Paying attention to every detail has become imperative. As users become more and more selective and their demands become increasingly sophisticated, having an attractive website with an intuitive interface is considered a must nowadays.

As the telling facts and stats sprinkled throughout the infographic shows, web designs which achieve the best results are those using certain definable features and elements which appeal to the contemporary user such as ease of navigation, good search functionality, engaging content, responsive design, loading times and much more. Additionally, treating a website as an integral part of branding as well as stressing user experience architecture.

user experience statistics infographic

Elevating your website’s user experience calls for a strong foundation in the form of good web design, so without further ado, take a good look at the information-packed infographic below for the latest on web design trends and how companies can benefit from implementing them. Try a free infographic maker now.

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