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How can you install Capturly tracking code to your website


In order to collect data with Capturly and inspect your visitors, all you have to do is install a small, unique tracking code on your website.

The Capturly tracking code will look like this:


        trq("account", "EXAMPLE");


        var s=d.createElement(t),c=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];




        }(document,'script'));function trq(){(trq.q=trq.q||[]).push(arguments);}


Note: The code in the gray box above is for demonstration purposes only. Keep in mind that you will have a unique code between the apostrophes instead of EXAMPLE.


You can find your tracking code by following these steps:

STEP 1 Log in to your Capturly account and go to the Setting under your email address in the right top corner.

STEP 2 Select your desired website that you wish to gather data from in the left column

STEP 3 Scroll down to the bottom of the Website Settings page until you see your tracking code

Your Capturly tracking code will look like this:


Once you have your code you can proceed to the next step.

                                STEP 4 Insert the code just before the closing </body> tag of your webpage’s HTML code as shown in the example above


NoteIf you don’t have access to your website’s HTML code you have the option to send it to your developer by pressing the “I’ll send it to a developer” button.

In case you don’t have a Capturly account, you can obtain your FREE trial after registering.

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