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Website gamification

5 Examples of Gamification: How to retain customers on the website and engage with them


15, 20 and 57. What could these numbers possibly mean? It is shocking but session replays and heatmaps show that:

  • 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on your website;
  • they read only 20% of your article;
  • 57% of people look only above the page fold.

This means you have to provide value from the very first moment your visitors arrive on your website. You can prepare something catchy to make them stay long enough to convert.

In other words, you can gamify your website. Gamification is an effective approach in marketing not only to capture user’s attention and increase their average session duration but also to improve the conversion rate. People tend to recall attention-grabbing elements for a longer time, which in turn strengthen your brand awareness. The more people are interested, the higher the chances that they will buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter. So gamified marketing can optimize the user experience and the conversion funnel at the same time on your website.

Long story short, let’s get started with 5 brilliant examples of gamification that you can implement in your practice.

Before you dive into examples, here’s a short slide version of it:

1. Questions in the Sky by Air France

In order to answer younger customers’ questions, Air France launched Children can navigate the airplane and get answers to almost 100 questions by Air France staff. Even though Air France introduced this project to children, it seems to be fascinating to adults as well,  so there is no other option than sticking to their website.

How it can be applied: Instead of having a typical FAQ or registration page, try to make the user experience more appealing by letting users explore.  This way they will be excited to browse through your website.

Questions in the Sky by AirFrance

2. Renault Twingo Experience 

The Groupe Renault created a virtual test drive with 2 mini-games to celebrate the launch of the new Renault Twingo sales. After accomplishing a detour with obstacles users can get to know the unique features of the car.

How it can be applied: Do not just list product descriptions, apply gamification and visualization to show the product. For example, to demonstrate the capacity of a trunk, people can play a game where they should pack bags into a trunk.

Renault Twingo Experience


Do you need some easier method to gamify your website? Then you will love how interacted with their users. This product design company hid 42 cows inside their website. They can be found in the most unexpected places, like service pages or blog articles.

How it can be applied: You can hide certain things on your website and make users to carefully go through all the pages to find them.

4. Build your house with

What can be more exciting than building your own house online, and especially if you can order it at the end? The Russian construction company lets people choose one of the house projects on its website and modify it by choosing the type of foundation, socle,  facade, and roof. The price of the house project changes according to chosen design features.

How it can be applied: Make product choosing process and ordering more impressive to users. People can not touch things online but this shouldn’t mean that they can’t inspect products from different angles and even try it. For example, hair salons can come with different haircut or hair colour filters that users can try before booking an appointment.

5. Producing apple cider with the New Product Group

Ukrainian beverage and snack company, the New Product Group, chose the action-stimulating way of showing how they produce APPS apple cider. Users should press buttons and help to make an apple cider.

How it can be applied: Instead of putting videos and photos of the production process, present it in the form of a game. Let’s say that you produce organic soap, then why not to let users make their own step by step by themselves?

APPS apple cider

Wrapping Up

Applying gamification to your website can help to maintain positive user experience and also supports other conversion rate optimization processes. When it comes to users, a  game is a great way to browse through a website, learn more about products’ features, and finish the registration procedure or make an order.

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