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Are you already working on an e-commerce business, but there’s always something to optimize on your webshop? You are not alone. Nowadays, you will always find something new to try or to develop in your online store. It doesn’t matter if you are a marketer, a product owner, or a business owner. But don’t worry, we have a tool that can be a great help in this process.

If you are not familiar with online analytics tools yet, here you can find a comprehensive article as a starter.

It doesn’t matter if you work on a Shopify, a Woocommerce, a Magento, or a self-developed online store, you will run into the same question every day: How can I increase the sales of my business? It’s a hard question to answer and actually, there can be many reasons behind an abandoned cart or a never returning visitor. According to a study, these are the main reasons why people leave an online store without completing the order:

  • Required account before a purchase
  • High shipping costs
  • Confusing checkout process
  • Aggressive upselling during checkout
  • Better pricing on other sites
  • Prices are shown in foreign currency
  • Responsivity problems or collapsed website
  • Payment security doubts

You are probably already familiar with these issues, some of them may even happen on your site as well. In addition to this, your visitors can behave very differently. Let’s have Aliexpress as an example, which is one of the world’s biggest online retail store. According to Similarweb, it had more than 580 million website visits just in the past six months, but its traffic composition is very mixed.

Aliexpress traffic sources by country.

The highest proportion of its traffic came from Russia and it represented only 25 percent of their overall traffic. While Brazil, the United States, and Spain contributed to it with 6% each. These are four different countries in the first four places with very different cultures and habits which will cause different behavior on the site as well.

Your customers’ behavior varies as well. If you would like to understand them, it’s not enough to rely on a single KPI or numbers, you need to understand their habits and motives to optimize your customer funnel. But how can you do this? The easiest solution would be to simply invite all of your customers to your office and see with your own eyes how they use your website. That’s the process that we call user or UX interview. It’s a great technique, the only problem is that it can be very costly. What other solutions can we find then? How does it sound if an online tool would let you see what your customers do and turn all of your customers into testers? Actually, Capturly does this.

In Capturly, you can follow your own visitors just like you were sitting next to them while they browsed your website. You can replay these sessions and see each click, scroll, or any other actions they do on your website without any effort. There are two main tools for this purpose, the session replays, and the heatmaps. While session replays are like the previously mentioned video recordings of your website’s usage, heatmaps give you aggregated feedback about the usage of your website.

Session replays are like video recordings of your past website visits. It will show you each exact action as it happened on your website from checkouts to abandonments. In Capturly, you are also able to filter your recordings by different parameters like the browser version or the country your visitor came from and you can use custom events as well. In this way, you can have any recording you want at your fingerprints by seconds. Do you have visitors who abandon their cart on a given page or just before they click checkout? Now, you can find out why they do so.

Heatmaps are like summarizing all of your recordings in a given time period. There are three different types of heatmaps in Capturly for three different purposes. Click heatmap is an aggregated view about all clicks on your website, that happened in a given time period. It can be a great tool for identifying dead areas or unexpected activities on your website. Let’s say you have an eye-catching creative in one of your sales promotions, which receives a ton of clicks but you only linked the text below it. It will show this issue to you and you can fix it in moments!

Besides this, you can also find scroll heatmaps, which show you how far your visitors get on a given page. It’s the perfect tool to find out if your visitors churn on a given page and it will also tell you why they do so.

Last, but not least there are also segment heatmaps, which are a special version of click heatmaps. It shows you all the clicks that happened on a given page but shows you the source of the clicking visitors as well. After you subscribe to Capturly, you will get all three heatmaps for all of your website pages for free and automatically.

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Any other cases where I can use Capturly?

  • Customer support: Capturly lets your support team turn back the wheel of time and see with their own eyes when a customer gets stuck or abandons the site. Making your support more effective also means more satisfied customers.  
  • Bug fixing: Bug fixing with little information can turn into an infinite loop easily. Capturly does not just show the exact moment when the problem occurred, but it will also show you all the relevant technical details of your customer as well, like the OS or the Browser version which was used.
  • Campaign validation: Filtering by source or campaign ID will let your team track the behavior of your visitors from each channel separately. Understanding the differences of your source channels will help in campaign optimization and save money for your business.

Wrapping up

Optimizing your website and customer funnel is a never-ending story. There are always some new techniques, channels or solutions you would like to try in order to increase your conversion rate, but if you don’t have a prudent toolset to track the results, the whole validation can turn into a time-consuming nightmare with no real outcome. Understanding your customers is a great help in this process and it will not just make your website optimization more effective but will save time for you and your teammates as well. And they will be grateful for that.

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