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15 Sales Driving E-commerce Tips for WooCommerce Sites


The WooCommerce plugin provides you with a powerful ability. Now, you can use your WordPress site to leverage e-commerce. However, you don’t want each customer to make only one trip to your site. Instead, you want to generate repeat customers and encourage individuals to return to your website. Employing some smart strategies can allow you to do so.

Here are 15 Tips for WooCommerce Store Owners:

#1 Incentivize

Offer an incentive for returning customers. After individuals shop at your online storefront once, provide them with a discount on their next purchase. As long as they are happy with the product or service from their shopping experience, they are likely to want to get a discount on more.

#2 Discounts

If offering a discount after just one shopping trip is a bit of a financial stretch for your business at this time, consider starting a rewards program. Once customers have racked up a certain number of points, they can then receive a discount or free items. This strategy allows you to encourage repeat traffic that goes beyond a second visit to redeem the coupon code.

#3 Integrate Different Payment Options 

Incorporate different payment options such a debit, credit and PayPal to give your customers a variety of payment options that fit their lifestyle and financial habits. Doing so will allow customers to use them in ways they find fitting. When it comes to payment methods, a WooCommerce store provides you with many possibilities. You can use these suggestions to encourage customers to return.

#4 Secure Shopping

Make the shopping experience secure. While many of your visitors have likely shopped online or checked out products for purchase online before, they may have some trepidation about shopping on a WordPress site. Ensuring the security of your site and letting customers know about it can get them returning to your e-commerce website again and again. You can provide them with confidence in this shopping experience and future ones.

#5 Refresh Your Inventory

If you have a small inventory, you may have some shoppers who decide to purchase every product that you have. In other cases, shoppers won’t have an interest in all of your products. As a result, you will need to refresh your inventory. Even if you don’t make a quick sale, new items on the website catch the eye of return visitors and encourage them to stay on the site longer to see what’s new.

#6 Leverage Social Media

Advertise on social media. In today’s times, some people head straight to social media to check out whether or not a business has a presence online. They may skip over the website entirely. Therefore, it is important for you to advertise your WooCommerce store on your social media pages. Failure to do so could be one of the top reasons why e-commerce companies are losing so many potential customers.

#7 Update Your Content

Since you have a WooCommerce store, you may also very well have a blog on your WordPress site. When people come to the main page and see that the blog content hasn’t been refreshed since their last visit, they may seriously question how often you update the site. In fact, these visitors may immediately click away from the page because they are interested in finding one that has fresh material. Don’t forget about your images and videos!

In addition to incorporating freshly written material on your website, you should also work to update the images and videos that accompany the text. People are often driven by visual impulses. While they may want to read some content about your products and services, they also likely have a sharp interest in seeing what the products look like and how they work.

#8 Optimize Your Site for Mobile

When individuals are first conducting research on products to buy, they may start by doing so on their laptops, desktop machines to get a sense of the website. After this initial process, however, they may feel more comfortable with the website and want to shop on their phones. Due to this preferred e-commerce method, you need to make certain that your website is optimized for mobile devices.

#9 Provide Instructions

If your target audience members lack familiarity with WooCommerce stores, they may also not know how to shop. Making an easy shopping experience for them on their first visits can encourage them to return since they already know how to navigate the site.

#10 Keep a Polished Look

As you are putting together a blog and online storefront, you have a number of creative decisions to make. Ensuring that your website looks professional while still emulating the style of your business is important. Websites that have advertisements and pop-ups all over them have a decent chance of scaring prospective business away.

#11 Follow Up

Conducting some follow-up after people purchase products can make a difference. By showing your customers that you care about their experiences, you are creating stronger rapport with them. If they feel as though your business truly cares, the odds are then increased that they will return. There are plenty of follow-up techniques to choose from when it comes to e-commerce, such as abandoned shopping cart reminders, or post-sales e-mails.

#12 Know Your Audience

Knowing the members of your target audience is important, especially when you are hoping to generate repeat customers. A seriously pivotal point here is to remember that their needs may change over time. Work to continue addressing their needs as shoppers.

#13 Link to Review Sites

Since you are speaking to your customers through a website, you can include links to review sites. Interested parties can read reviews to see what others have to say about your business, and customers can write reviews too. As people are going through their own reviews, they can recall your company.

#14 Consider Surveys

You may also want to consider placing a survey on your website for people who have purchased products from you. The survey could come at the end of a shopping experience too or part of a follow-up. Just be aware, that the visitors of your e-commerce website are there to shop and anything else that “steals their time” should be removed. For this reason, your surveys need to be right on spot. They should have a single purpose, that is to further improve the user experience.

#15 Analyze Data

Tracking how many returning customers you have is important. Doing so allows you to set goals and to assess whether or not your current strategies are working. Using website analytics for tracking e-commerce activities is nothing new. You can get incredible results just by eliminating the guesswork and tweaking the online shopping experience a bit here and there based on real visitor insights.

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