Conversion Funnel Guide

The Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial process for every website. It helps you to capture people’s interest right up to the point of purchase. This process goes through every step of the visitor’s journey to becoming a customer. It is a never-ending story, as people’s online habits and activities are constantly changing. Also, it is […]

9 Useful Tips to Improve Conversion Rate for Immediate Results

Lots of research has been conducted in favor of revealing the best practices of conversion rate optimization. Marketing psychology has proved underlying principles that can be applied on websites to boost conversion rate even from zero to hero! #1 Rethink your call-to-actions! These are the buttons that instruct your customers to take action as fast […]

The Conversion Funnel Analysis

Measuring and optimizing the final conversion rate is great, however, it isn’t adequate. To make the most of it, you should determine every step in the customer’s journey and optimize every one of them which leads to the macro-conversion. What’s a conversion funnel? The conversion funnel is a customer’s journey from awareness to taking action […]