Session Replay Guide

What Are Session Recordings?

Session recordings (or replays) are basically video recordings of user interactions on your site. With them, you can get an insight into user behavior, and by analyzing them you can optimize your conversion rate and focus on user retention. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know from the fundamentals to […]

How to Read and Analyze Session Replays?

In the following, we will guide you through how to effectively analyze session replays to optimize your conversion rate. What do session recordings tell me? Session recordings tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your website from the perspective of user-friendliness. For example, session replays show how far users scroll, where they spend the most […]

The Usefulness of Session Replays

Session replays offer lots of possibilities to improve our websites and boost our sales! In the following, you can learn more about how to use session recordings to achieve your goals. How can session recordings help to understand the customers? Session replays track each movement of the customers during their browsing session. It means that […]

Advanced Analytics With Session Replays

Investigating UX problems, optimizing conversion rate, reducing cart abandonment rate, replicating user bugs or issues or validating marketing campaigns can be effective if you combine session recording analysis with other analytics methods, in order to have an attractive and bugless website. How do you combine traditional analytics with session recordings? The benefit of combining traditional […]