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Shopify stores

Every E-commerce Store Would Have These Premium Shopify Stores


Can we take a second to acknowledge the fact that online business is considered as one of the most profitable ventures – all thanks to opportunities in the e-commerce realm? As a result, more and more companies are found taking advantage of several platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and so more.

While conducting any business whether it’s online or offline, one must know how to take advantage of the situation and make the right investments to improve profitability and expand their store in the right direction. For example, with so many options around choosing the right e-commerce platform can be quite overwhelming at times. One of the prime reasons could be the abundance of companies offering solutions while others calling themselves e-commerce platforms; open source as well as hosted.

e-commerce online shop

Now if you are serious about creating a shopping portal or an online store website right from scratch, nothing works better than choosing Shopify. Now, what is Shopify?

Founded in 2004, the platform can assist anyone to get a store up and running in a short period. It may also interest you to know that all the things that can create massive headaches are taken care of for you.

This is a renowned fact that revenue can’t grow without the right tools and methodologies. You come across several Shopify development companies like Etatvasoft that can guide you in not just promoting your store but also selling your products, rewarding your customers, handling inventory, returns management, and shipping so you can earn more revenue.

Further, I would like to mention certain reasons why Shopify developers choose the platform while creating an eCommerce store. But before let us understand what Shopify is all about?

Shopify is an e-commerce arrangement making it incredibly simple for anyone to get a store ready for action in barely whenever by any stretch of the imagination.

It is progressively similar to a completely facilitated arrangement which implies that you don’t need to stress over things like spending an extra on your web facilitating. So, why choose Shopify?

logo of shopify webshop engine

  • Works for any skill level 

A most significant aspect regarding Shopify as an e-commerce stage is its convenience. It opens up the entryways for anyone without having the specialized information to have the option to run their online store. Simple to include items, monitor stock, and take client orders are its essential focal points. Let’s fine-tune your store and improve its importance.

  • Fully hosted 

Being a completely facilitated stage, you no longer need to stress over accomplishing your web have, managing any type of programming establishment, or performing moves up to the product. Essentially, any specialized perspective that in ordinary conditions could make a divider for individuals not to run their online store, is wiped out with Shopify.

  • Listing products

Product listing is extremely important and quite easy. You will discover enough item data handle that helps anything you need to offer, all while keeping the interface easy to utilize. A portion of these fields incorporates various hues, sizes, appending numerous items to every item, stock following, and transportation costs.

  • Storefront design 

Take any structure into account, beginning with it turns out to be path simpler as Shopify gives wide utilization of free layouts and these formats can be effortlessly altered by your likings. App integrations – Featuring a wide range of customization abilities the platform can easily be integrated with a wide range of apps. In layman’s language, a seller can easily add some extra features and functionalities to enhance its value manifold.

  • Security 

Another crucial aspect is the security and reliability offered by the platform. With the ever-developing on the web business domain, security penetrates are expanding prompting disrupting classified individual and money related data of the clients.

  • Amazing stacking speed 

Having a solid framework alongside advanced equipment and programming. Shopify’s improvement has super-quick stacking speed, and the e-commerce made on its heap in simply an issue of seconds.

  • Versatile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is the way into the achievement of a web-based business store because the quantity of portable customers is expanding constantly. The Shopify topics are portable responsive, which implies that it tends to be utilized to profit from versatile improved stores. There are even free iPhone and Android applications that can be utilized to deal with the store.

Best Shopify Apps for SEO 

PlugIn SEO Shopify store


One of the finest picks for the best free Shopify apps as it helps you find, troubleshoot, and fix search engine optimization (SEO) issues so that you can get more web traffic to your online store. The application specifically naturally checks for potential issues with page titles and portrayals, structure, speed and the rundown goes on. It principally incorporates code scraps which can be utilized to fix any issues without anyone else.

Likewise, you get the opportunity to capitalize on highlights like mass altering, organized information support, and multilingual SEO. You should simply move up to the star variant of the application.

SEO image optimizer


It may quite interest you to know that

more than 26% of searches happen on Google images.

And that’s why Shopify apps like SEO image optimized comes in. The app includes a one-click install to get you up and running in like less than 30 seconds. The free plan incorporates everything you need to get images optimized for search engines such as alt text optimization, unlimited image sync, and even checks new images every week.

Best Shopify Apps for Marketing and Promotions

  • OptinMonster

optimonster lead generation software


Being one of the leading conversion optimization software, OptinMonster assists well in getting more and more email subscribers, reduces cart abandonment, and increases overall sales conversion. Furthermore, the OptinMonster app has the potential to seamlessly work with Shopify featuring one-click integrations for all the top email marketing services and CRM software.

Creating dynamic campaigns, popup, floating alert bar, slide-in scroll boxes, or even gamified spin can be used to win campaigns.

  • TrustPulse

trustpulse shopify store


Trust Pulse works to leverage social proof and ends up building trust with visitors to your site by simply showing a small popup notification of real-time activity other users have taken while on your site. Also, shoppers are more likely to trust recommendations given by other shoppers over advertisers especially when it comes to making any purchasing decisions.

  • Candy Rack

candy rack shopify


Being one of the best upsell/cross-sell Shopify apps are mainly available on the market. And in case, if you are not upselling or cross-selling your end customers, you are just leaving money on the table.

Mainly offered via a non-intrusive popup on the product page that’s shown right after the shopper clicks on the add to cart button. The popup in general uses a tree layout so that each upsells or cross-sell looks much like an add-on used to the parent product.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales Channels

  • Facebook Channel 

shopify Facebook channel app


We all know that email marketing is much more effective than social media, there is no debate about it! Whether it is about driving sales or anything else, social media is still an important referral source used among the majority of online stores. Facebook and Twitter both can help you gain product recommendations and actual sales.

  • Messenger Channel

messenger channel


With ever-increasing messaging apps and smart speakers, conversational commerce continues to grow. The application, specifically, is exceptionally utilized by Shopify engineers where they can add a message us catch to their store making it simple to have constant discussions with your clients. Be that as it may, did we notice it doesn’t end with constant correspondences? The application permits customers to handily peruse items and make critical buys from your ambassador visit and you can send effortlessly robotized request refreshes.

Best Apps for Shopify Customer Service

  • Facebook Live chat 

Shopify Facebook live chat


Live chat has become a crucial customer service and customer feedback tool. According to several surveys, businesses reveal that offering live chat has had quite a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

  • One-Click Social Login 

one click social login


Another crucial name to take into account is one-click social login that lets your customers create accounts on your Shopify store by simply logging in with their existing social media credentials. Several accounts supported include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon and so more.

Author Bio: Rooney Reeves is working as a Business Development Executive at – eTatvaSoft, a Shopify Development Company. She always accepts challenges and puts some effort into it. She loves to write and spread her knowledge through writing. Follow her on Twitter.

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