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Email Survey Subject Lines to Get More Responses [Examples]

Email Survey Subject Lines to Get More Responses [Examples]


Have you ever worked super hard on making a cool survey but felt a bit bummed when not many people noticed or replied? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. But guess what? We’re about to tackle that problem together!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about something super important that often gets overlooked: the words you use to introduce your survey in emails. Think of it like the message that opens the door to your awesome survey party. Our goal is to make sure more people not only open that door but also join in on the fun and share their thoughts with you.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why your surveys seem to be flying under the radar, don’t worry. We’re here to spill the secrets on how to write catchy and interesting email survey subject lines that will make your survey the talk of the town. Ready to make your surveys stand out? Let’s dive in!

Statistics on Email Survey Subject Lines Influence

Imagine you have something cool to say in an email. It’s like having an awesome secret to share. But wait, here’s the trick: if the first few words (we call them the subject line) aren’t interesting, people might not even open your email to see the cool stuff inside!

💡 Now, check this out: if you put some thought into those subject line words, it can make a huge difference. According to a study, a well-crafted subject line can make people open your email by up to 30%. That’s like turning on a mega spotlight on your message, so everyone sees it and thinks, “Whoa, I need to check this out!”

So, think of the email survey subject line as your email superhero. It’s not just a small detail; it’s the powerful force that makes sure your email doesn’t go unnoticed.

All right, let’s break down the superhero side of email survey subject lines with some easy-to-understand facts:

First Impressions Are Big

Almost half of the people (47%) decide if they want to open an email just by looking at the subject line. It’s like deciding if you want to read a book by checking out its cover.

Mobile Phones Rule

Based on Easy Sendy study most people (82%) read their emails on their phones. So, if your subject line is catchy, even on a small screen, it’s more likely to get noticed.

Emoji Power

Adding emojis to your subject line can make it more interesting. Emails with emojis are opened 56% more based on Pumble. Emojis are like tiny pictures that grab attention in a sea of words.

Personalized Messages Rock

If your email subject line feels personal (using the person’s name, for example), it’s 26% more likely to get opened. It’s like making your message feel just right for the person reading it.

Urgency Works

If you make your subject line sound urgent or important, it can boost the chances of your email being opened. It’s like telling someone, “Hey, you’ve got to see this right now!”

Imagine combining a bit of personalization with an emoji and a touch of urgency in your subject line—now that’s a winning combo! So, the way you start your email is super important, just like a superhero’s cool entrance.

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List of Email Survey Subject Lines and Examples

Ever sent out a survey and wondered why it felt like a hidden treasure that nobody found? Well, we’re here to spill the beans on the secret sauce—those magical words in your email survey subject lines!

Think of it like this: Your subject line is the superhero cape that makes your survey stand out in a crowded inbox. In this guide, we’re sharing 10 super cool tips to make sure your surveys get the attention they deserve. No more disappearing acts in the inbox—let’s make your surveys the talk of the town!

1. Make the subject line curious

Example: “Unlock Exclusive Insights: Your Voice Matters”

Tip: Make people curious without giving away too much.

This subject line sparks curiosity by suggesting exclusive insights are waiting inside the survey. It’s like setting up a mystery, making people intrigued and eager to find out what valuable information is behind the curtain. The inclusion of “Your Voice Matters” adds a personal touch, making the recipient feel their input is not only sought after but crucial.

Make the subject line curious

2. Have a sense of urgency in the subject line

Example: “Last Chance to Shape Our Future – Survey Closing Soon!”

Tip: Make people feel like they need to act quickly.

Urgency creates a sense of importance and encourages immediate action. This subject line implies that time is running out to contribute to shaping the future. It’s like saying, “This is your final opportunity to be a part of something significant—don’t miss it!” The urgency factor can push recipients to open the email promptly and participate.

Have a sense of urgency in the subject line

3. Personalize the subject line

Example: “Hey Sarah, Your Thoughts Can Make a Difference”

Tip: Make it feel like the message is just for them.

Personalization adds a touch of familiarity and makes the recipient feel special. This subject line goes beyond the generic approach by addressing the recipient by name. It’s like saying, “Hey, Sarah, we’re talking directly to you!” The emphasis on “Your Thoughts Can Make a Difference” emphasizes the individual’s impact, making the survey feel tailor-made for them.

Personalize the subject line

4. Make the subject line of the e-mail survey benefit-focused

Example: “Improve Your Experience: Share Your Thoughts Today!”

Tip: Show how taking the survey benefits them.

Highlighting the positive outcome of taking the survey is essential. This subject line directly communicates that participating will lead to an improved experience. It’s like saying, “Your input is valuable, and it’s going to make things better for you!” By emphasizing the benefit, the subject line motivates recipients to open the email with the expectation of a positive impact.

Make the subject line of the e-mail survey benefit-focused

5. State the subject directly and clearly

Example: “2 Minutes for Impact: Quick Survey Inside!”

Tip: Be clear about how much time it takes.

Being upfront about the time commitment is crucial, especially when everyone is busy. This subject line communicates that the survey is quick, taking only 2 minutes. It’s like saying, “We value your time—this won’t take long!” This clarity can lead to higher engagement as recipients know exactly what to expect.

State the subject directly and clearly

6. Make the subject line reward-oriented

Example: “Complete the Survey, Unlock Exclusive Discounts!”

Tip: Offer something special as a reward.

People love rewards, and this email survey’s subject lines tap into that desire. It promises exclusive discounts as a reward for completing the survey. It’s like saying, “Your input is valuable, and as a thank you, here’s something special for you!” This incentive creates a sense of value and excitement, motivating recipients to open the email and participate.

Make the subject line reward-oriented

7. Make the subject line feedback appreciation

Example: “Your Opinions Matter: Help Us Serve You Better”

Tip: Say thanks and show their opinions are important.

Expressing gratitude in the subject line creates a positive tone. This subject line appreciates the recipient’s opinions, saying, “Thanks for your thoughts—they matter!” It communicates that the sender values the recipient’s input and wants to improve based on their feedback. The appreciation factor encourages recipients to open the email with a sense of importance.

Make the subject line feedback appreciation

8. Formulate the subject line interactively

Example: “Click to Share: Your Voice Shapes Our Next Move!”

Tip: Let them interact right from the subject line.

Adding an interactive element directly in the email survey subject lines is engaging. This subject line invites recipients to click and share their thoughts immediately. It’s like saying, “Your voice matters, and you can start sharing right now!” The interactive aspect makes the email experience dynamic and participatory.

Formulate the subject line interactively

9. Storytelling subject line

Example: “From Your Desk to Ours: The Story of Your Feedback”

Tip: Tell a short story to make it interesting.

Humans love stories, and this subject line adds a storytelling element to the survey experience. It suggests that the recipient’s feedback is not just data but part of a larger narrative. It’s like saying, “Your feedback is a key part of our story, and it’s pretty cool!” This personal touch makes the survey more relatable and encourages recipients to open the email to be part of the story.

Storytelling subject line

10. Customize the subject line

Example: “Tailor Your Experience: Answer a Quick Survey”

Tip: Make it feel like the survey is just for them.

Emphasizing customization in the subject line makes the survey feel personalized. This subject line is like saying, “This survey is made just for you—tailor your experience!” It communicates that their input will directly influence and improve their unique experience. This personalized touch increases the relevance of the survey, making it more likely for recipients to open the email and provide feedback.

Customize the subject line

Remember, the effectiveness of an email survey subject line often depends on your audience and the nature of the survey. Trying out different approaches and understanding your audience’s preferences can help you find the perfect formula for your survey emails.

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Think of the email survey subject lines as your superhero cape, guiding your surveys through the busy inbox world. We’ve given you tips on creating subject lines that catch attention, spark curiosity, and make your surveys the coolest in the inbox.

Just remember, the key is to be creative and real and find what your friends—um, subscribers—like the most. Try out different ideas and see what makes them excited to open your emails.

But hold on, there’s one more cool thing we want to share. Capturly, your survey sidekick, is here to make your surveys even more awesome. With dynamic surveys (which means they change based on how much your friends like them), real-time feedback (like getting instant comments on your cool drawings), and a look into how people use websites, Capturly is like adding superpowers to your surveys.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, create super catchy email survey subject lines, use Capturly’s powers, and watch your surveys become the heroes of the inbox!

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