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How to Increase E-commerce Traffic? – Both Organic and Paid


The e-commerce industry is eventually rising up to a huge extent. The latest reports from IBEF on the E-commerce market states that it is going to be worth $ 39 billion very soon! Moreover, the grandeur of e-commerce industry is further evident from the fact that online sales are gradually rising by 51% annually.

So, if you are leading an e-commerce business, always remember that you are onto something really stable and sound!

However, recently, SEMrush has come up with an excellent research which includes everything beneficial to you starting from the advertising trends and spends to online traffic sources and so on. This study has been conducted with the aim to help out the business-owners like you to stand out.

In this research, thirteen different product categories have been taken into an account and the traffic of more than almost 8,000 e-commerce websites were scrutinized. The result of this study revealed a bunch of usable facts which can be astoundingly beneficial for hiking your organic and paid traffic both.

Based on this stupendous result, here I am with a rundown of the effective tips for you.

Just take a glance over.

  • Desktop-friendly site to attract shoppers

According to the study, when it comes to e-commerce traffic, desktop (56.98%) is leading in comparison to mobile phones (43.02%). It has been seen that people might prefer mobile phones over desktops for browsing but when it comes to accumulating the related information and finally making a purchase, desktops are still effectual enough.

So, be strategic, understand the intricacies of various site-specific data and decide the right way to bifurcate your efforts among desktop and mobile phones.

  • Include Reviews: They are irreplaceable

Someone is going to spend his hard-earned dollars to purchase something from you. Aren’t the reviews on that product from others seem to be really important for him?

Of course, yes! Right?

They would certainly want to check out what others have to say about this product before they buy.

So, reviews are always outstanding among any other features! It has been revealed from the concerned study that although SERPs might keep on changing, reviews are certainly going to be constant and at the utmost level always.

Thus, you need to ensure that you are including some in various appealing formats starting from the images to videos, and ads in your marketing campaigns.

  • Scrutinize competitor’s expenditure on ads

e-commerce adwords

Though it might seem to be surprising to you, this study states that half of the total e-commerce sites on the web spend almost $ 1,000 on paid ads. The result further confirms that online clothing stores spend huge when compared to other online businesses which deal with books, music, flowers, etc.

So, it is highly recommended that you ought to keenly understand which industry you belong to and what your competitors are preferring before making any move regarding ads.

For example, one of the foremost examples that SEMrush’s study has divulged is that when it comes to paid traffic, Amazon is way too much ahead than Flipkart. However, the figures in terms of organic traffic seem to be quite the same for both.

  • In the case of ads, go for mobile devices

mobile friendly e-commerce

Retailers seem to rush more towards smartphones in comparison to PCs and laptops when it’s about display ads. As huge as almost 85% of all kinds of display ads are visible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

So, make it a point to showcase your display ads while keeping the mobile users in mind. Especially, if your business revolves around sports artifacts, clothing, books etc., this trick will definitely work for you!


Apart from these tips mentioned above, this extraordinary study of SEMrush indicates that you need to skyrocket your Google shopping ads, try to entice more direct traffic, attract people with vouchers, and guarantees to let the mass head towards your online store incessantly.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve not taken these steps yet then just hurry up! Sow the best and you’ll reap nothing but only the best.

Last but not least, just take a glimpse of the complete study from SEMrush and identify the perfect strategy which will suit your business flawlessly!

Good luck….

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