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Improve SEO rankings - SEO tricks

3 SEO Tricks to Increase Your E-Commerce Website Traffic


It’s already 2021 and a lot has changed in the world of SEO in 2020. Ranking a website in Google is not going to be easy if you follow the same old SEO tactics.

There are thousands of websites writing about SEO tips and tricks but you will not get any results if you follow these tips blindly. You need to do lots of experiments before you find some real tricks that will skyrocket your website on the first page of the search engine.

I have amazing SEO experience with dozens of my own websites and hundreds of those owned by my students and customers. And based on this experience, I will share a few of the SEO tricks that would definitely give you more traffic in 2021.

Amazing SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic

Whether you are a beginner or an SEO expert, I am sure these tips will help you a lot to grow your website traffic.

1. Change Keyword Targeting

This is my favorite trick for growing my new sites or targeting a difficult keyword in my existing authority website.

When you start a new website, just target all the long-tail keywords with low volume and very low difficulty. Once you receive traffic with these keywords, replace these keywords with medium or high difficulty keywords but high monthly volume.

I will explain this with an example-

Suppose I want to target a keyword – ‘online jobs’ or ‘online jobs for students’. If you research these keywords in a keyword research tool, you will find it difficult to rank.

seo trick - keyword targeting for online jobs

But if you check other similar long-tail keywords, you will not find it difficult.

E.g.: Online jobs for college students from home OR Part-time online jobs for students from home

So instead of targeting ‘online jobs’ or ‘online jobs for students’ keywords, I will target the above keywords. Therefore, I will write a post targeting the above long-tail keywords with low volume and low difficulty.

But here the condition will be-

  1. You should write a long and detailed post.
  2. This post should be much better than the first-page competitor.
  3. Your post must have high engagement.

I will do better on-page SEO and build a few backlinks to get a fast ranking with these keywords.

Once I receive the traffic, Google will see the engagement with my post. You need to check your analytics to confirm the same. If your posts are not engaging enough, you are not going to benefit from this trick.

So, if you don’t see good engagement through Google Analytics, you need to work again on your post.

Now it’s time to target medium or high difficulty keywords in the same post. E.g online jobs, online jobs for students. 

You need to update your posts a little and optimize them for new keywords.  Also, you need to build backlinks for the new keywords.

As Google is already finding engagement with the previous keywords, you will receive ranking with the new keywords as well.

I have done various experiments on this and found, the trick works most of the time.

If you target such keywords directly in a new website or even a medium authority website, it will be much difficult to rank for these keywords in Google search.

You need to work very hard and create a huge number of backlinks to rank such keywords if you target them directly in your posts. 

But, it’s easier if you go this way.

P.S. – You can’t update your URL when you are updating your keywords so you need to choose the main keyword (e.g. online jobs in this case) in your URL.

2. Search Console Keywords

This is also an excellent trick to grow your search traffic. You need to login into your search console and find all these keywords that are ranking between 6th to 15th position on Google.

Here are the steps-

  1. Click on Performance Tab
  2. Select all the four options – Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average CTR, and Average Position
  3. Click on the filter and select ‘Position’ and use Smaller than 15.

You will find all those keywords that are ranking between 1st and 15th position. But you need to focus on those keywords that are ranking between 6th and 15th place.

I chose position 6th to15th because these are the keywords that do not receive traffic but are easy to shift to the top 5 on the first page with some tricks.

Let’s see how-

You will find two types of keywords between the 6th to 15th positions.

  1. Keywords that you can target within the same posts.
  2. Keywords that are difficult to target within the same posts.

For example – when I was targeting similar ‘online jobs’ keywords in one of my posts on MoneyConnexion, I found that my post is also ranking with the keywords like ‘online jobs in India’ and ‘online jobs for teens’.

seo trick - google search console performance menu

It was difficult to target these keywords in the existing post as this post was for college students and I was targeting a global audience.

In that case, you need to create a new post to target such keywords for a specific country or specific age.

Here are the steps you need to take to rank high for these keywords.

  1. Update the posts and optimize the whole posts with these keywords with good volume but ranking between 6th and 15th.
  2. Create new posts for the keywords you could not target in the existing posts.
  3. Try to target these keywords within the meta-description. That makes a big impact.
  4. Try to add the internal links for the new keywords from all the relevant posts.
  5. Build a few backlinks for the new keywords.

By following these simple steps, you will get a ranking within a few weeks if not days.

3. Expired Domain Backlinks

Thousands of domains expire every day and some of them are really valuable. I am not talking about the value of the domain name but the quality of the domain when someone was running a website on that.

When such domains expire, there are hundreds or thousands of backlinks still pointing to these domains.

My favorite website for researching such domains is You can find valuable domains for any niche. seo trick - Expiredomains.netHere are the steps you need to follow-

  1. Find the best-expired domains in your niche with a large number of backlinks
  2. Find the backlinks of these domains through any keyword research tool like ahrefs.
  3. Outreach the website owners to replace the broken backlinks with yours.

It’s a much easier way of finding broken backlinks and there are high chances of success as the website is no longer working.

Here are a few things you need to consider before outreaching-

  1. A/B test your outreach email script and find out the best script that’s working in your niche.
  2. Try to send the email as the 3rd user or the reader of his blog, and inform him about the broken link and refer to your backlink as the replacement. It works most of the time.
  3. Use to see the content of the linked page. Try to add similar but better content on your website. It will be easy for the website owner to replace the broken link with yours because the content is similar, fresh, and better.


These SEO tricks always worked for me to rank my websites on the first page of the search engine. These tips will not cost you anything and it takes less than an hour to apply these tricks on your website. I am sure you will get good results if you use any or all of these SEO tips.

Author Bio: Pritam Nagrale is the founder of DMatic Digital, a digital marketing training center in India. He is running popular blogs like MoneyConnexion and He provides the best digital marketing tips on his channel Pritam Nagrale & DMatic Digital.

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