Segment heatmaps

Do you know who throws the most “confetti”?

Segment heatmap looks like as if confetti has been thrown around your page. By looking at the colorful dots you can get a general idea of which areas of your page are the most popular, or if any of the segments are behaving entirely distinctively than the other ones do.

In order to help you and your website we have created a filtering system so that you can easily select the data you are interested in examining by checking/unchecking those segments which you are curious about.

Do you know which referrers bring the most active/problematic visitors to your site?

Let’s suppose you want your visitors to click on the main CTAs of your page, but you notice that Facebook visitors are clicking on everything except for those. Do you know the reason behind that? By analyzing the filtered segment heatmap, you might get a solution to those problems.

Explore the typical traits of users with the most common operating systems and browsers too.
It is possible that your Internet Explorer hack (which you’ve left in the CSS by accident) hides the main navigation bar, and Internet Explorer users never click on any of the links placed there.

Using our filter you can also identify the main characteristics of returning and new visitors.
Just select the “New vs Returning” segment and you’ll be able to see instantly how your new visitors are behaving differently than your everyday users.