Scroll heatmaps

Do you know what parts of your page are the most engaging?

The user’s first impression is the most important happening related to your website. If the first thing they see doesn’t grab their attention, there’s a high probability that they’ll leave your site without any significant action.

You have to investigate what’s the best content to be placed above the “fold”. Is it a header, a logo or maybe a catchy CTA? Do they miss the most important content because it’s placed way below the fold? Or the cause of the problem is that the given page is not containing enough information about the product you’re trying hard to sell them?

Our Scroll Heatmap makes it easy for you to see how far your visitors scroll down and what percentage of them leaves the page earlier than they are supposed to. Seeing their habits, you can move and rearrange elements of the page to take advantage of your visitors' behavior.

With its help you’ll always know where they lose interest and leave because your positioning is not optimal. You have to test your users’ ideal page, their reaction to the adjustments. Every site is unique, there’s no unified solution, you have to experiment it for yourself. Small changes can instantly result in incredible outcomes, your potential customers will become more engaged.

Uncover how visitors react to longer or shorter pages. They might like to read more before engaging themselves in your product. If you have contents which are ignored, you should consider removing or modifying them. For instance, you might have a great CTA at the bottom of your page, but if no one is seeing them, they are worthless.