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Latest Magento Security Updates for eCommerce Stores


Magento is an open-source platform for designing robust E-Commerce websites to work seamlessly. The new releases and updates have ensured utmost user engagement, improvement in conversion rates for E-Commerce stores, revenue generation by the users.

According to the latest data and survey of 30,000 Magento stores, nearly 50% stores do not use the HTTPS by default, and 23% of sites have exposed admin panel.

According to the latest data and survey of 30,000 Magento stores, nearly 50% of stores do not use HTTPS by default, and 23% of sites have exposed admin panel. If the website does not have an SSL certificate, then, customers will not purchase from your website as browsers will look at it as an insecure website. A Magento store should have a proper SSL installed like a single domain, wildcard SSL certificate, or any other type of SSL that may fit with the store’s requirement. Before customers abandon checkout, you should take off the store’s security on a priority base.

Magento and its Security Updates

While checking the data for the global E-Commerce platform the Magento has a market share of 8% that provides it 3rd position. It has almost 168,000 Magento Stores operational as stated by Datanyze Universe. While checking Magento platform’s usability in the ‘Alexa Top 1M’ market space it has nearly 13, 933 websites with a market share of 13.76%.

With the increasing popularity, falls the responsibility to save the data of the businesses and the users in order prevent any kind of thefts. This has made Magento release various security updates every year in order to safeguard the interest of the users. The hacking of confidential data may land businesses in big trouble and losses. For this, the business houses need skilled Magento development services from experienced professionals.

Magento has released many security updates, until now, in 2018. These are versions 2.2.3, 2.1.12, and 2.0.18 that the users can download from the official Magento site. It can be downloaded in composer form or full release with the sample data in a ZIP file format. Even users can download the security patches released this year and the various migration tools.

Sneak-Peek into Latest Security Updates by Magento

One can hire Magento development providers to get the most recent information about the updates and versions introduced by this open-source E-Commerce platform. These updates will help businesses and individuals to keep their sites secured from any vulnerability or bugs.

Recently, to increase the product functionality and security it has released new security updates in February. The Magento users can also find the full information and download links for various updates here. Some of them are:

Note: Magento Open Source 2.0.X will no longer receive security updates or product quality fixes now that its support window has expired.

Other Features Related to Security Updates

Below are some of the significant features of the recent security updates:

  • These latest releases of Magento Open Source and Commerce Store contain nearly 50 security variations or changes. It will help in curbing the unauthorized data leakage, closing cross-site request fraud and the vulnerabilities relative to the authenticated execution of “Admin User Remote Code.”
  • Moreover, these new security update releases will also support the API changes that are implemented recently by the USPS. The installation of the latest security updates for the Magento users comes under the Magento development services provided by the companies.
  • For carrying out the “common cache management tasks,” the Magento Commerce and Open Source store version 2.2.3 introduce the finer permissions.
  • The security updates mentioned above permit the qualified Magento administrators to provide permission for the “discrete cache management tasks.” It includes refreshing the cache types and the flushing of the cache storage.

The installation of the security patches will help the companies in managing any kind of security lapses. The businesses can hire Magento development experts who can fix the codes or make slight changes, fixing the files with self-installing scripts, takes the backup of the existing data before application of a patch, etc.The companies can also use the Mage Report to check the proper installation of the security patches.

According to Astra Security survey, nearly 62% of the Magento online stores face the security issues and 85% of these sites have compromised. Many vulnerabilities were also witnessed in these sites as 60% of them have SWF uploader open vulnerability, 49% of these Magento E-Commerce stores do not use SSL, and 14% have more than four security lapses.

By hiring the professional Magento developers, these security issues can be minimized. Few things the business houses can also consider for securing their Magento stores.

  • Changing the passwords after working with outsiders
  • Must possess unique login details and an Admin Path
  • A two-factor authentication is important
  • Updated Anti-Virus and Magento Versions must be present
  • Choose long admin names and the passwords for extra security that should be a mixture of  upper and lower case characters
  • Using the secure FTP will also wave out the hacking issues
  • Disabling any kind of unsafe PHP Function

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