Do you know what is happening on your website at the moment?

If your answer is ‘No.’, then you should read along and find out why it’s extremely beneficial for your team and business to easily understand real-time data as it happens.

Having your most important data collected on a single page can be quite convenient. The dashboard of Capturly utilizes data visualisation to display the combination of your company’s crucial metrics.

This feature allows you to optimize your website on a larger scale before having modifications made for a smaller group of users. This way, after getting an aggregated view of the behaviors and characteristics of your users (like exploring the devices and browsers they use), you can focus on the details with the Session replay feature.

So what are those amazing elements helping you? Analyzing Page load time, you'll always know if there are times when your site becomes slow. The Content dash shows you the most interesting pages your visitors are visiting. And the list goes on and on.

Along with those, you can get the most important performance metrics in front of your team in a glimpse, demonstrating your dashboard on screens around your office and having data-driven conversations.

Getting the opportunity of being able to see graphs updating live is priceless in connection with spotting changes in trends. Join us and see how your website traffic is fluctuating minute-by-minute.